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Battle Pass vehicles: SPz 12-3

The German anti-tank IFV comes to the game as one of the main prizes in the upcoming Battle Pass season “Armour Breaking Ambusher”!

SPz 12-3, light tank, Germany, rank IV. Premium.


  • Recoilless anti-tank rifle
  • 20mm autocannon
  • Light armour

Anti-tank modifications on the Swiss-developed HS.30 armoured personnel carriers began to be introduced to the Bundeswehr in 1966. They were built as the long-chassis APC SPz 12-3 (SPz lg) with a roof-mounted rotary mount with an American M40A1 106mm recoilless rifle. This modification was a fighting vehicle with 5 men crew to control both the 20-mm automatic gun and anti-tank rifle. Since 1971, the anti-tank SPz 12-3 vehicles have been gradually withdrawn from the regular formations of the German army and replaced with the Marder infantry fighting vehicles. A small batch of SPz 12-3 was handed over to the Peruvian army, the rest of the vehicles were dismantled, used as targets at training grounds, or placed in museums.


The SPz 12-3, one of the main prizes of the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass “Armour Breaking Ambusher'', is built on a chassis already familiar to weathered commanders of German vehicles by the Raketenautomat tank destroyer. The new vehicle will offer players more flexible gameplay. Thanks to the fast-firing 20mm cannon, the SPz 12-3 will find use in reconnaissance raids on the flanks and rear of the enemy lines, reaping light vehicles. At the same time, a more powerful 106 mm cannon with HEAT rounds will cope with the conventional armour on any tank on the battlefield, since ERA, spaced or composite armour are yet very rare here.

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As a ranger or armour breaking ambusher, the SPz 12-3 needs good mobility in order to quickly change positions and be the first to take advantage of cover. The weight of the machine is 16 tons, which creates low ground pressure. However, due to its relatively weak engine, the SPz 12-3 is not the best runner around, hitting a pretty decent 55 kph and handles off-road and low hills with ease.


Like all vehicles of this type, the SPz 12-3 is lightly armoured and can be penetrated at some parts of the hull and turret even with heavy machine guns.

The Armour Breaking Ambusher SPz 12-3 will be waiting for you in the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass. Very soon we will tell you about all the prizes and the conditions for receiving them - stay tuned!

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