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Battle Pass vehicles: MC 485

A German E-Boat, that was used as a commercial cargo vessel after the war ended, gets new life in service with the Marina Militare Italiana!

MC 485, torpedo boat, Italy, rank III. Premium.


  • Armored bridge
  • Enhanced weapons
  • High speed

In 1952, during a small fleet rearmament program, Italy purchased a former German S-38 series torpedo boat, which was sold to a private owner in 1947 and used as a cargo boat. The boat was ordered in August 1940 from the shipyards of the Bremen based Lürssen company as an upgraded S-38 project equipped with an armored cabin casing (Kalotte). The E-Boat with a hull number S-67, was involved in intense actions for the Kriegsmarine in the North Sea, especially in the English Channel, where she was engaged in mining missions and hunting British convoys. The boat also visited the Baltic sea, where she took part in exercises and military operations against the USSR in the Gulf of Finland. At the end of the war, the S-67 was captured by the Allies and then sold to a commercial operator for cargo purposes. In Italian service the boat received updated armament of a pair of 40mm Bofors auto cannons, new torpedo equipment and a navigational radar. In service with the Marina Militare Italiana, the boat received the designation MC 485 and served in the waters of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, participated in numerous exercises. The boat was finally decommissioned from service only in 1966 due to significant wear and tear, which affected the performance of the MC 485.


The MC 485 is a German E-Boat of the S-38 series, which in the post-war period entered service with the Marina Militare Italiana. The boat will become one of the main prizes of the next season of the War Thunder Battle Pass as a Premium torpedo boat of rank III in the Italian coastal fleet tech tree.

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At first glance, you can see two main differences between the Italian boat and the German E-Boats - a high mast for a navigation radar and, most importantly, modified armament. The gun cockpit on the bow has been dismantled and changed to deck. The Italians replaced the German armament at the stern with a pair of 40 mm Bofors automatic cannons. Thus, on the one hand, the boat has somewhat lost combat effectiveness, since she can no longer fire forward, and on the other, the MC 485 broadside is dangerous not only for boats and aircraft, but even for small enemy ships.


Why do we love the E-Boats? Of course, for excellent maneuvering performance and ease of performing torpedo attacks. The MC 485 keeps with this tradition, although the torpedoes themselves are now different, as they were made in Italy. The boat quickly reaches a maximum speed of 39 knots (over 70 km/h) and is excellent for both capturing points and maneuvering among islands and rocks.

The Italian MC 485 will be one of the main prizes in the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass. We will soon announce other prizes and the full list of rules, so stay tuned for the news!

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