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M4/T26: a “Sherman” and a half

A US-built experimental M4 tank with a turret and a gun from the T26 will give you the ultimate “Sherman” experience!

M4/T26, medium tank, USA. Rank IV


  • Good protection at the turret front
  • 90mm M3 gun
  • Lacks APCR round

One of the projects for Chrysler engineers was an attempt to equip the M4 Sherman tank chassis with T26 turrets to increase the effectiveness of the US armored forces against German heavy tanks. A prototype hybrid tank was built in 1944, but canceled before further testing and serial production.


The prototype experimental M4/T26 with a turret from the Pershing will join the IV rank of the US armored vehicle tech tree in the La Royale update. The strong turret front and deadly 90mm gun makes the new tank an excellent armor-breaker amongst other Shermans!

Download Wallpaper:

There is no need to talk much about the M4/T26, its features are obvious. The M4(105) chassis, which is far from being the fastest among mid-rank tanks, allows you to keep the M4/T26 quite low in its Battle Rating and, in general, only serves to deliver a good turret and an excellent gun into battle. The signature American strong forehead of the turret and a 90mm gun with effective capped AP rounds allow the tank to take on any target on the battlefield, and absorb damage exposing the gun mantlet. Unfortunately, the M4/T26 does not have access to an APCR round capable of penetrating even the strongest German self-propelled guns, but the tank is located almost at the very beginning of rank IV, where the chance of encountering less protected opponents is higher.


The M4/T26 will be a good addition to the later Shermans, the Walker Bulldog scout tank and the premium T20. Commanders of the mid-ranked US armored vehicles will have a choice from the most specialized tank for each game situation or combat style - reconnaissance, holding positions, or dealing damage. Gather your dream team and go to battle in the La Royale update!

You can greatly speed up the research on this vehicle with:

T29 Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • T29 tank (Rank IV, USA)
  • 1000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 7 days
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