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Vijayanta: Armour from India

The Vijayanta medium tank comes to the game in the La Royale update. Meet the first Indian tank in War Thunder!

Vijayanta, medium tank, Britain, rank V. Premium.


  • IR-searchlight
  • Deadly HEATFS rounds
  • Low protection

In 1961, the Indian government and British Vickers-Armstrong company signed an agreement to build a tank factory in the Avadi area near Chennai (formerly Madras) to assemble Vickers Mk.1 tanks for the Indian army. The first tank that in India received the name Vijayanta (“victorious”), left the assembly line in 1965, and soon the Indian plant mastered the independent production of tank components. During service life, the Vijayanta tank was upgraded and received a new fire control system. The production of the tank continued until 1989, after which the Vijayanta began to be replaced in the army by the Russian T-72M1.


The first Indian tank in War Thunder, the Vijayanta, will become a new Premium vehicle in the British ground vehicles tech tree, and it will be added to the game with the release of the La Royale update. This is an export version of the British Vickers Mk.1, which received an IR-searchlight, side skirts and, most importantly, the HEATFS round for its accurate and fast-firing gun!

Vijayanta is armed with an excellent Royal Ordnance L7A1gun, which is highly accurate and has a two-plane stabiliser. Unlike the British Vickers Mk.1, the Indian Vijayanta received an M456 high-explosive anti-tank round with armour penetration up to 400 mm. The tank easily copes with the armour of any enemy on the battlefield, and a fully trained crew increases the tank's rate of fire to a fantastic 5 seconds between shots!

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In terms of protection level, the Vijayanta differs little from its British ancestor and any armour piercing round of enemy tanks is dangerous to it. The dense crew seating and vulnerable layout of the ammo racks inside the tank also make it uneasy to survive hits. However, the side skirts that the Indian tank has, still slightly reduce damage from close explosions and increase protection against enemy HEAT shots.


Vijayanta will become a Premium tank in the British armoured vehicle research tree and will significantly speed up the progress of any armoured vehicle from rank I to VI. And while you are waiting for the La Royale update, write to us, what other Indian armoured vehicles would you like to see in War Thunder?

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