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Freccia VBM: The Spike Thrower

The Freccia VBM is an Italian IFV with a rapid fire cannon and fire-and-forget anti-tank missiles Spike-MR. Meet the new top tier in ground battles in the upcoming La Royale update!

Freccia VBM, light tank, Italy, rank VII


  • 8 Spike-MR fire-and-forget missiles
  • Good mobility
  • Target tracking

The Freccia VBM (Veicolo Blindato Medio - “medium armored vehicle”) Infantry fighting vehicle was built on the chassis of the Centauro B1 tank destroyer and designed to support these vehicles on the battlefield. The Freccia VBM has a modified Hifist Plus turret, a further development of the Dardo IFV turret. The turret is equipped with a 25-mm Oerlikon cannon, on the sides of the turret are launchers for Israeli-made Spike missiles. The vehicle has been in service with the Italian army since 2009.


The Italian Freccia VBM wheeled fighting vehicle will join the top-tiers in ground battles as the first to the game carrier of the Spike fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missiles!

The Freccia VBM is reminiscent of two other high-tier vehicles from the Italian tech tree: from the Centauro tank destroyer, the vehicle received a wheeled chassis with a maximum speed of about 108 km/h; and the turret is a upgraded version of the Dardo IFV with the already familiar fast-firing 25mm Oerlikon cannon.

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The main difference of the new Freccia VBM is the Spike-MR guided missiles with a tandem warhead and own homing heads. The gunner has to simply lock on the enemy vehicle and push the fire button: a smart missile will find the target itself, even when fired into the sky at a high angle. A tandem warhead is able to overcome the protection of, in general, any tank in the game, while the automatic target tracking makes it possible to fire at moving targets. The missile has an electro-optical infrared seeker and focuses on the brightest thermal signature in the lock-on area, so hiding from the Spike behind the ESS doesn’t work. Conventional smoke grenades, however, allow to safely leave the line of fire.

The research and mastering of the Freccia VBM is very comfortable. The vehicle receives ATGM immediately after purchase, already at the first research tier the commander has access to the armor-piercing belt of the M791 APDS rounds, which work perfectly against light vehicles and helicopters, so you can safely focus on improving mobility of the vehicle. At higher tiers of research, APFSDS belt is also unlocked with the best indicators of armor penetration at angles.

Like all light vehicles, the Freccia VBM relies on speed far more than protection. Despite the fact that the engine and the crew are concentrated in the front of the vehicle, the rear troop compartment should not be exposed to enemy fire, since the anti-tank missile ammo is stored there.

You can greatly speed up the research on this vehicle with:

VRCC Centauro Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • VRCC Centauro (Rank VI, Italy)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days
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