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Increasing the number of players in top ranked BR ground battles
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Based on the feedback from the YouTube community and from content creators, as well as after analyzing the occupancy of players in sessions of specific ranks, we have decided to make changes to how the matchmaking works and will implement them in the near future (without additional announcements).

Additional settings will be added to ground RB in sessions of BR 9.3 and above that will make battles of top ranked vehicles more intense but will slightly increase the average waiting time of finding a battle. When a player selects a session and joins the queue, the matchmaking system takes many factors into account. Now the number of players in battles on large maps will on average become larger than before, although waiting times might somewhat increase. We’re also looking into an option to change matchmaking settings depending on the number of users in the game; this will possibly let us achieve a more comfortable waiting time for the battle to start, as well as improve matching quality, leading to more players joining battles.

Similar changes have already been made in air RB in March this year. We hope you will appreciate this improvement in ground RB as well, and after the implementation of these changes we will continue to monitor matchmaking closely and will make necessary adjustments in real time if necessary.


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