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Grumman F-14B Tomcat: The Bombcat

A new top-tier US naval jet fighter that comes equipped with more powerful engines and new weapons!

F-14B Tomcat, jet fighter, USA, rank VIII


  • Better thrust and climb rate
  • Gorgeous AIM-54 Phoenix missiles
  • Guided bombs
  • TISEO (Target Identification System, Electro Optical)

As part of the further upgrade of the Grumman F-14A carrier-based fighters, the aircraft were equipped with new General Electric F110-GE-400 turbojet engines with an afterburner, which significantly increased thrust, while reducing specific fuel consumption. The aircraft also received updated electronic equipment, as well as, unlike early production versions, the TISEO (Target Identification System, Electro Optical) optical target identification system. Initially, the updated Tomcats received the designation F-14A +.

This configuration was applied both to newly manufactured fighters, as well as to those already in service as an upgrade pack. In 1992, the designation was changed to F-14B in order to unify it with other military equipment in service. Subsequently, the F-14B were further upgraded in 1998 under the SLEP program. These jet fighters were in service with the US Navy aviation until 2006.


Today we'll talk about the top-tier US naval fighter, which will be added to the game in the next major War Thunder update. So, meet the F-14B, a modified version of the formidable F-14A - a significantly expanded arsenal of weapons and improved rate of climb.

The upgraded version of the Tomcat received new, more high-torque engines, which give the fighter a noticeable increase in climb rate to about 225 m/s, while maintaining approximately the same speed and fuel consumption as the F-14A version. An interesting option for fans of Simulation Battles will be the TISEO optical target identification system. This system allows you to view the target acquired by the radar on the monitor in the cockpit, if the enemy aircraft is not too far away. However, the main good news for American pilots is the improved armament of the F-14B!

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So, for air combat, the main specialty of the F-14, the new version is equipped with more advanced AIM-9L air-to-air missiles (up to four), a later version of the Sparrow missile AIM-7M (up to six), as well as two modifications of the magnificent Phoenix long range missiles: the AIM-54A and the new AIM-54C with an improved inertial navigation system, which improves the accuracy of the cruising to the target at medium and long distances. Both Phoenixes can also be taken into battle up to six missiles at once.

Interesting: The F-14B Tomcat is sometimes called the “Bombcat” since it was the first fighter of the series, which could be equipped first with conventional, and then with other types of aircraft bombs.

But that is not all! The F-14B can be equipped with a LANTIRN targeting pod, which turns the Tomcat into a true reaper of ground vehicles. Guided bombs of the Paveway II family, the GBU-12, GBU-16 and heavy GBU-10, with laser seekers are accurate and deadly weapons to destroy any tank on the battlefield. In addition to guided bombs, the aircraft can also be equipped with the good old Zuni rockets as well as conventional free-fall bombs in calibers up to 2,000 pounds. A nice addition will be the ability to use the already familiar Bol countermeasure pods with 160 charges each. Use the weapon configurator to setup your perfect set for each game mode! Well, and a small spoiler alert - the aircraft will also be equipped with a new to the game type of weapon, which we will present to you soon!


The ultimate US naval jet fighter is coming to the game together with the release of the next major update - it's coming soon, it's going to be exciting! Stay tuned to our Dev Diaries series to learn more!

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