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Victory Day in War Thunder
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Victory! Many allied countries spent years with trials and tribulations to end the bloodiest war in the history of humanity, and in early May of 1945 their efforts finally bore fruit. This victory is the most important event of the XXth century that is remembered and celebrated today by tens of millions of people. Join us in War Thunder to commemorate this event!

From May 5th until May 10th (11:00 GMT) play War Thunder and receive rewards!

Poster with a soldier decal
"Poster with a soldier"
  • Play 3 battles (with activity of no less than 70%).
Maxim–Tokarev machine gun decoration for ground vehicles
Maxim–Tokarev machine gun decoration for ground vehicles
  • Earn 20000 points in total while controlling vehicles of rank III and higher in tank battles.
120-PM-38 naval decoration
naval decoration
  • Earn 10000 points in total while controlling vehicles of rank III and higher in naval battles.

You can check your task progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Victory Day.

In the in-game item shop you can find trophies that contain decorations of Allied weaponry or decals that you still don’t have. The decals represent three main Soviet military memorials: "Rear-front", "Motherland" and "Warrior Liberator". Decorations: Bren Mk II, ROKS-3, M1 Garand, SG-43, and Matilda II (for large vessels).

Discounts in shop

From May 5th until May 12th in the Gaijin.Net store you’ll find discounts for many high rank vehicle packs, as well as rare thematic bundles commemorating Victory Day!

Legend of Victory: BM-31-12 “Andryusha”

From May 10th until May 22nd participate in the Legend of Victory event and earn decals, decorations, and the unique BM-31-12, younger brother of the legendary Katyusha!

The BM-31-12 was designed to fire the heavy M-31 300mm unguided rockets. Guidance and launch are carried out with a welded framework of 12 rails mounted on the chassis of the Studebaker military truck. The machine was successfully tested in the spring of 1944 and was put into service in June under the designation BM-31-12. In the troops, by analogy with the Katyusha MLRS, the new vehicle was nicknamed Andryusha (“little Andrey” in Russian). It was widely used in the battles of the final stages of WWII in Europe, including the urban battles as a fire support for Soviet storming troops. In total, the Red Army received 1,807 BM-31-12 Andryusha vehicles until the end of the war.

Victory Tournament Series

Take part in each of 7 tournaments of the Victory series to earn decals, titles, and a part of the 70 000 GE prize pool.

Декаль «Союзники»
”Allies” decal
”Victory star” decal

Let’s celebrate together!

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