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Pre-order: M1 KVT
Pre-order - M1 KVT Pack
Pre-order - M1 KVT Pack
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A visually modified M1 Abrams MBT to represent a Soviet tank in exercises, with premium status and pre-order bonuses!

One of the scenarios of the US Army exercises is called the Krasnovian invasion, a scenario of the invasion of the fictional Russia-backed country of Krasnovia into the southern part of the continental United States. The armed forces of the People's Democratic Republic of Krasnovia are equipped with armored vehicles manufactured by the USSR/Russia, and to imitate these vehicles, the so-called “vismods” are used, friendly vehicles that have been visually modified to represent opposing force vehicles. One of the most popular and well-known vismod designs is the M1 Abrams KVT (Krasnovian Variant Tank). It is this tank that will appear in the upcoming War Thunder major update, so let's take a closer look at this piece of awesomeness!

So, the Krasnovian tank is an American Abrams M1 main battle tank with visual modifiers, such as a camo net on the gun barrel, an imitation of an IR searchlight, an imitation of a dozer blade in front of the hull, two barrels welded to the rear, an imitation of the ERA blocks on the hull and turret, dismantled side skirts, as well as confusing inscription "ЛОДКА" (‘boat’ in Russian) on the tower baskets.


Under the guise of a Soviet tank is the excellent M1 Abrams MBT, one of the best tanks in its rank. Great front protection of the turret, good front protection of the hull, high mobility, a thermal imaging device in the gunner’s sight, as well as an excellent stabilized gun with all popular types of rounds, including two variants of APFSDS. The KVT version also has a Premium status, which means it can greatly boost the research of any tank and armored vehicle in the US research tree from ranks I to VII! It is worth noting also that unchecking the modification box in the menu removes visual modifiers, returning the familiar look of the menacing Abrams M1.


The tank itself will be added to the game in the next major update. However, for connoisseurs of war machines our team has prepared a special pre-order pack, containing the M1 Abrams KVT tank, Golden Eagles, Premium account days, the unique title and a special decal “Krasnovian Tank Division” - a great addition to the exotic look of the Krasnovian invader. Hurry up, comrade Krasnovian, the offer is limited until the release of the next major War Thunder update!

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