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Battle Pass vehicles: Centurion Mk 2

The main tank prize of the new season is the British Centurion Mk 2 with a cast turret and gun stabiliser. Meet Her Majesty Hussar!

Centurion Mk 2, medium tank, Britain, rank IV. Premium.


  • Very good frontal protection
  • Gun stabiliser
  • Low speed

The Centurion Mk 2 was a further development of the early post-war British Centurion Mk 1 tank. Engineers from Vickers-Armstrong proposed a cast turret with a welded roof, improved armour of the gun mantlet, as well as a stabiliser for the 17-pounder gun. The new version replaced the Mark 1 in production, and in December 1946 the tanks entered service with the British Army. Subsequently, Centurion Mk 2s were converted into recovery vehicles or upgraded to the Centurion Mk 3. In total, about 800 tanks of this modification were built.


The premium Centurion Mk 2 will be the main tank prize of the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass. This is one of the early versions of the iconic British medium tank, which allows commanders to get acquainted with the gameplay features of higher-ranked vehicles and boost the upgrade of their tank setup. Let’s get into details a little bit, shall we?

So, in War Thunder the Centurion Mk 2 is a transitional version from the first production vehicles to the Mk 3 version. From the Centurion Mk 1 we get the QF 17-pounder gun, a strong hull front with an upper glacis at a rational angle, and from the Mk 3 version we get a cast turret, gun stabiliser and improved armour of the gun mantlet.

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The strong point of the Centurion Mk 2 is definitely its frontal protection. Indeed, the angled upper frontal plate of the hull, the cast turret, as well as the reinforced armour of the gun mantlet, allows the tank to survive enemy fire and be able to fire back. The chance of ricocheting is much higher when a commander turns the hull from the enemy and uses uneven terrain to increase hull angle of impact. The Centurion Mk 2 is armed with a 17-pounder familiar to British commanders, but in this version of the tank, the gun received a stabiliser that allows it to fire on the move at low speed.

For a medium tank, the Centurion has a low maximum speed - only 37 km/h (41 km/h in arcade), although the tank reaches its maximum speed quite fast even on unpaved terrains, and maintains good dynamics and manoeuvrability. Another problematic point of the tank is the thin armour on the sides of the hull that can be penetrated, in general, by any tank guns and many autocannons. Commanders are advised to study the ammo replenishing order and clear a few internal niches from shells - this really increases the chances of survival.


For the premium Centurion Mk 2, you can get a special camouflage inspired by the colour scheme of the 8th Royal Irish Hussars regiment from the period of participation in the Korean War, with American white stars on the sides so as not to get under friendly fire. In this camouflage the tank is damn good! We will tell you how to get the Centurion Mk 2 and the hussar camouflage in the upcoming announcement of the full list of rules for the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass “Her Majesty's Hussar” - stay tuned for the news!

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