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Battle Pass vehicles: J26 David

J26 David is an interned and purchased American P-51B-7 Mustang fighter aircraft in service with the Swedish air forces. Meet the main aviation prize available for every War Thunder player!

J26 David, fighter, Sweden, rank III. Premium.


  • Good performance at low and mid altitudes
  • High G-tolerance
  • Mediocre forward weapons
  • Bombs

Allied aircraft often made emergency landings on Swedish airfields during World War II. Two of these aircraft, the American P-51B-7 Mustangs, were interned and then purchased from the US government for $25,000 each. In July 1945, the Mustangs entered service with the Swedish Air Force, where they received the designation J26.


The Swedish Premium Mustang J26 with own name “David” will be the main aviation prize of the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass “Her Majesty's Hussar”, and all players who complete the required number of stages and progress points will be able to receive the fighter for free.

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The P-51B-7 modification was one of the first to receive British Merlin engines, licensed as Packard V-1650. Thanks to the new engine, the Mustang performs great at low and medium altitudes, where it can slowly speed up to about 700 km/h. The aircraft retains energy well in level flight, and thanks to its strong fuselage, it can survive over 800 km/h in the dive. There are few aircraft on its rank which performs better in vertical or horizontal maneuvers, but still the P-51 is slightly inferior to them, while maintaining a stable high max speed at altitude and good rate of climb.

The only con side of the Swedish Mustang might be its mediocre forward armament. Four wing-mount M2 machine guns, designated according to the Swedish classification as Akan m/45, are not bad, but surely not as good as cannons. But for mixed battles, the J26 (B-7) can be equipped with bombs - a pair of 100, 250 or 500-pounders.

The J26 David fighter will be available to all players in the new Battle Pass season - stay tuned for the news to find out more about the new prizes and rules of the season!

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