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It’s fixed! №73

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder in the website special section.

Fixed the Missiles


We dealt with several unpleasant errors regarding missiles. For example, IR seekers couldn’t get a good lock on an aircraft that was moving laterally, locking onto air instead and self-destructing upon launch.

Radar warning receiver (RWR) didn’t detect radar illumination if an enemy who launched semi-active radar homing (SARH) missiles removed lock on. We reworked the algorithm of how RWR functions to make sure it uses the widest possible beam and also accounts for enemy radar antenna radiation patterns more precisely.

We also fixed an incorrect visual effect of missile launch: it looked as if the missiles were launched behind an aircraft, and with higher ping the flashes of the missiles were drawn further back.

Corrected Damage Models of Ground Vehicles


Several ground vehicles received fixes regarding their armour penetrability. Object 906 differed in the way it looked and the way its damage model was structured, Vickers Mk.1 had the damage model of the front of its hull pushed back into the centre of the hull. TKX’s armour is nothing to write home about, but it still shouldn’t be penetrable by fragments of low-calibre HE rounds — and yet there were points where it was possible.

A newcomer in the ranks of War Thunder vehicles, the top notch Chinese fire support vehicle QN506 that was added in the recent Repair Factory event, received a lot of attention as well. It lacked armoring of the commander’s sight, but at the same time the tank’s top was overprotected.

All these errors were fixed thanks to your vigilance. Keep the reports coming!

Vital Elevator


A new misfortune has befallen the navy upon release of our latest major update: losing an ammo elevator rendered the ships unable to reload instead of merely slowing down the process. It was especially painful for battleships and cruisers since their elevators are usually large and not well armoured, so destroying them was much easier than taking out the guns.

We discovered the problem and fixed it — large vessels now have nothing to fear.

That’s Not All

You’ll find the full list of improvements in the separate changelog — there are many interesting things there. Editing the suspended weaponry is now easier, ground vehicle commander's TVD won’t be getting randomly enabled anymore, and nuclear blasts will no longer destroy all buildings.


Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.

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