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Repair Factory: Shcherbakov light cruiser

The Soviet light cruiser Shcherbakov offers a fine balance between high fire-rate of her main guns, good mobility and excellent anti-air defense.

Shcherbakov light cruiser, USSR rank V. Event vehicle.


  • Main caliber of 4x3 152mm
  • Improved AA battery
  • Good speed
  • High survivability

Project 68 bis light cruisers became a deep modernization of the previous Project 68 class, combining technical solutions and experience of WWII. The order for the development of a new project was issued by the VMF (USSR Navy) in 1947. To save time, the engineers immediately proceeded to the technical design, skipping the draft stage. The new ship with a fully welded hull had an increased range, enhanced anti-aircraft and torpedo armament, armor protection for all firing posts, and the latest radar equipment. Project 68bis ships became the largest cruisers in the Soviet fleet. One of the future developments of this class was further improvement of the air defense capabilities by replacing part of the 37mm guns with quadruple 45mm ZIF-68 autocannons. One of the laid down hulls, the Shcherbakov light cruiser was to be completed under the new program. However, the big-gun cruiser concept became obsolete and the ship was never completed.


The Shcherbakov light cruiser will be the main naval prize of the spring crafting event in War Thunder. Like her predecessor, the Sverdlov light cruiser, the new ship features fast-firing main battery guns, good mobility, and her already powerful anti-aircraft battery is now reinforced with quadruple 45mm autocannon mounts!

Light cruisers of Projects 68-bis and 68-A are always a good pick for high-ranking naval battles in War Thunder. Their element is in constant motion, fire support of the high-speed ships and boats of the first line of attack and actively "pecking" the weak spots of opponents with their fast-firing 152mm main guns. The closest relative of the new Shcherbakov cruiser, the light cruiser Sverdlov, boasts fully armored main and auxiliary turrets, a large crew, and an excellent air defense battery of 37 mm automatic cannons.

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The Shcherbakov inherits all the branded features of her class, but offers improved air defense.Part of the 37mm guns on the bow and stern superstructures has been replaced with quadruple 45mm ZIF-68 autocannon mounts, which are capable of effectively shooting down medium altitude targets.

The Shcherbakov light cruiser has no striking shortcomings, however the caliber of the main guns shapes the ship’s gameplay. The penetrating power of 152mm guns is usually not enough to pierce the most protected opponents. That is why it is necessary to have a good supply of armor-piercing shells and, when engaging the heavies, captains are recommended to try to hit critical areas, such as main gun magazines, with multiple shots. High rate of fire and the excellent turret traverse speed make it easy to adjust hits and quickly shift fire between targets. The most versatile shell choice for most conventional targets will be semi-AP rounds for the main caliber, and bottom-fuzed HE for the auxiliary guns. The high density of fire and good load of explosives in these shells make it possible to quickly disable enemy guns, destroy modules and cause fires in different compartments of enemy ships.

The Shcherbakov light cruiser will be the main naval prize of the upcoming spring crafting event in War Thunder - follow the news to know more!

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