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Repair Factory: AMD 35 SA35

The AMD 35 is a French armored car developed by Panhard in the interwar period featuring an advanced design for its time. Soon, an experimental modification of the already familiar AMD 35 will make its way to War Thunder as one of the main prizes of the upcoming spring crafting event!

Briefly: A hastily developed upgunned modification of the AMD 35 armored car, fitted with a new turret and a larger gun.

AMD 35 SA35, light tank, France, Rank I, premium vehicle.


  • Superb mobility
  • High profile
  • Light armor

In the months leading up to WWII, the French army came to the conclusion that the effectiveness of the 25mm cannon with which their AMD 35 armored cars were equipped, was insufficient to deal with hostile armored units past close range engagements. As a result, it was decided to upgun the AMD 35 with the 47mm SA35 cannon. However, as other vehicles were given higher priority for rearmament once the demand for the SA35 cannon outpaced production capacities, other solutions for the growing lack of anti-tank capabilities were searched for. These efforts were only further compounded by the outbreak of WWII in September.

By May 1940, as the war situation was increasingly becoming dire, Renault was contracted to produce a new turret for the AMD 35, capable of housing the SA35 cannon. Hastily put together, the new turret was mated to the chassis and tested in June with an initial order for around 40 vehicles already being planned. However, as Paris fell soon after, these plans never materialized. Instead, the sole prototype was transferred to the French army and took part in the Battle of the Loire river, where it also ultimately met its fate.


The AMD 35 SA35 will be a new light vehicle coming to War Thunder as one of the main prizes of the upcoming spring crafting event. This nimble armored car will become available to participants of the event as a new rank I premium vehicle of the French ground forces tree. Keen to find out more about it? Then join us as we dive deeper into the details!

Being already familiar in its standard modification to tankers from the starting ranks of the French ground forces tree, the AMD 35 is highly regarded for its excellent mobility and compact size. However, being only equipped with a semi-automatic 25 mm cannon does mean that commanders of this vehicle often encountered issues dealing with more heavily armored opponents or fighting enemies at longer engagement distances. This experimental variant of the AMD 35 means to address these issues by offering tankers a much higher caliber weapon in the form of the also familiar 47 mm SA35 cannon. Trading rate of fire for a more powerful caliber results in the AMD 35 now being capable of posing a more serious threat to an expanded circle of potential enemies.

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While the chassis of the vehicle remains the same, the turret of this AMD 35 is vastly different. For starters, its size has clearly increased compared to the familiar standard modification of the vehicle in order to facilitate the larger gun. The larger turret also increases the vehicle’s silhouette, making it easier for hostile forces to detect the vehicle.

The larger turret, however, doesn’t affect much on the vehicle’s weight. The vehicle retains its excellent top speed of up to 72 km/h, meaning it’s still more than capable of taking the enemy by surprise once it unexpectedly makes its appearance at a flank.


This exotic new variant of the AMD 35 armored car will soon appear in War Thunder ground battles and tankers will have the chance to add it to their collection by participating in the upcoming spring crafting event. Stay tuned to the news to find out what other exciting prizes the event has in store for its participants. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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