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Moments of Valour: The Turkish Armed Forces

Currently more than 700,000 Turkish players have played War Thunder and they are an important part of the global community. In gratitude for their interest we have prepared a special trailer dedicated to the brave Turkish tankers and pilots.

From 12:00 GMT on the 28th of March until 11:00 GMT on the 11th of April

A unique bundle with a discount!

To coincide with the release of the Turkish Armed Forces video we have also prepared a themed special in the Gaijin.net shop. A pack with the T129 ATAK attack helicopter is temporarily on sale and those who purchase the Leopard 2A4 and F-5C packs before the end of the special will receive unique Turkish camouflages for those vehicles.

All 3 packs are also available as a bundle with 50% discount!

“Moments of Valor: Turkey” Bundle
“Moments of Valor: Turkey” Bundle
The Bundle Includes:
  • F-5C Pack
  • Leopard 2A4 Pack
  • T129 ATAK Pack

With the purchase of the F-5C and Leopard 2A4 packs between 12:00 GMT on the 28th of March and 11:00 GMT on the 11th of April, you will receive unique camouflages.

  • Desert camouflage with Turkish army insignia for the purchase of a Leopard 2A4 pack (to get this authentic look, take advantage of the recently added option to remove the modification with a camouflage net)
  • Turkish Air Force insignia paint scheme for purchase of the F-5C pack

Please note! If you have purchased F-5C and/or Leopard 2A4 packs already, you may also receive the unique camouflages if you login into the game and achieve at least three wins with specified vehicles from March 28th to April 11th. This also applies to console players who either own or purchase the packs during the special period. Camouflages will be issued to the users who have fulfilled these conditions after April 11th.

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