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It’s fixed! №71

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder in the website special section.

Decorations in place


You may have encountered decorations that weren’t properly attached to ground vehicles and were floating mid-air. Turns out, there were several reasons this might have happened.

For example, if we updated the model of the vehicle, in some cases the players had to reattach the decorations for them to display properly. Or, for example, if the player applied additional armour to their vehicle, mounted decorations on top of it, and then removed the modification (with an evil laugh, we bet), the decorations remained where they initially were.

Well, no need to worry that your tank will look weird: we’ve fixed both errors, so the decorations should look exactly as you want them to.

Runaway cursor


Many multiple monitor users reported this issue: when playing in fullscreen mode, the cursor sometimes escaped to the other monitor, and that could prove fatal during heated battles. It happened in sea and helicopter battles when the Alt button was pressed, when the chat was opened, or when you sent or received your teammates’ radio commands.

We’re happy to inform you that the bug has been quashed, and the issue is no more! Now players with multiple monitors should be able to enjoy the battles with no hurdles.

Small boats, beware


Vehicle destructibility is an integral part of War Thunder, and we try to make sure that hits have realistic consequences. And we’ve discovered an exception to this rule: hulls of the smaller boats weren’t breaking when hit by a large calibre shell.

Now we’ve updated hull break parameters of small boats, so beware: hits by large calibre shells are going to tear them apart!

Smart torpedo sights


Great news for captains - we have improved the control over torpedo tubes! Let us tell you in detail!

All torpedo tubes on ships and boats in the game can be divided into three groups according to the fire sectors: fixed torpedo tubes (for example, the German E-boats), tubes on the axis of the ship, able to fire on both sides (for example, the Japanese IJN Shimakaze ), and side torpedo tubes with a traverse sector on the left or right side of the ship (HMS Southampton, Soviet Sverdlov, USS Atlanta, and others).

Previously, the player had to manually select a torpedo tube by pressing a button ("Q" by default). In some cases, this was uncomfortable and could confuse the player in the heat of battle, especially with side-mounted torpedo tubes with a limited traverse sector. We have tried to solve the issue. Instead of switching available torpedo tubes by the button, their sight now switches following the direction of the player’s camera. The Q button now only turns the sight on or off, and the torpedo tube is selected according to the available traverse angles and the direction of the player's view.


For example, if a ship has torpedo tubes on her sides (Kirov, Hipper), you don’t need to press “Q” to choose the torpedo tube on the other side. Just activate all torpedo sides with the “Q” button and turn the camera to the side you want to fire from. The same works with rotating torpedo tubes (like on most destroyers in the game) - the available torpedo tubes will be selected automatically. Ships and boats with fixed torpedo tubes toggle available tubes in the same manner, although in the limited traverse sector.

If a ship has several torpedo tubes on each side, a new tube available to fire from the same side toggles automatically. If a torpedo sight is disabled and the enemy is in the fire sector, the torpedoes fire in salvo by pushing the torpedo fire button.

We hope this improvement will make the torpedo tube control easier and will allow you to better concentrate on the battle. Like it? Share your opinion in the comments!

That’s Not All

You’ll find the full list of improvements in the separate changelog - there are many interesting things there. Frame rate doesn’t drop anymore when the AB-205A-1 discards its rocket tubes, MiG-29’s HUD now shows ammo count of the secondary munitions, and gun funnel no longer follows the player’s view when playing in VR.


Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.

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