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Char 2bis: the Beast of Champagne

Char 2C is a superheavy French interwar tank, equipped with 155-mm howitzer. The apex predator of the low ranks!

Char 2bis, heavy tank, France, rank I. Premium.


  • Very durable
  • Deadly HE shells
  • Low speed
  • Challenging ballistics

Development of the super-heavy assault tank the Char 2 began in 1917 amidst World War I. With a nod to the combat experience of the French army, the tank was designed to break through the heavy enemy defenses with a high rhombic hull and was equipped with a “tail” to overcome trenches and obstacles. With a mass of 70 tons and a high level of protection, the maximum speed of the tank did not exceed 15 km/h, and its reliability was very poor. Of the 300 units planned, only 10 were built, and each tank, like a ship, received its own name from the names of the French provinces. In 1926, one of the tanks, the “Champagne”, was equipped with a new cast turret with a 155 mm howitzer. The new turret was smaller than the original turret with a 75 mm gun, but required the dismantling of two machine guns. Together with other tanks of the series, the “Champagne” was trapped during the German offensive in July 1940. The crews blew up all the Char 2bis units, except for the “Champagne” that went to the German troops almost intact, and was later put on display at a trophy exhibition in Berlin. The Char 2bis tank is the largest sized mass-produced armored vehicle in history, overtaking its closest competitor, the Soviet T-35.


In War Thunder, the Premium Char 2C will become one of the most exotic armored vehicles available. This interwar behemoth is the largest mass-produced tank in history. With a short-barreled 155 mm howitzer, good armor and a crew of 12 (sic!) members, the Char 2C will become the real king of the low ranks!

The clumsy heavy tank has a top speed of only 15 km/h and is the last to get to the fight. However, it lives in battle incomparably longer than other tanks from the early period! Decent frontal armor of up to 45 mm protects the Char 2C in the face-offs, massive hull makes it difficult to locate the ammo rack, and the huge crew is very difficult to disable.

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Repelling shell after shell with strong armor and absorbing hits with its huge hull, the Char 2C unleashes high-explosive fragmentation slaps from its large-caliber gun on fragile rank I-II vehicles. This gun is definitely not the best choice to shoot at distances because of its arc-like ballistics, but in close quarter combat it is a very effective weapon!

Look for the Premium Char 2C among the rank I tanks of France, the vehicle has appeared in the game in the recent Apex Predators update!

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