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News for the sea!

Post-war uniforms, a total rehashing of crew voice-overs, as well as a new pack of WWII AI aircraft carriers for air battle modes! Only good news is coming from the sea in the Apex Predators update!

Fall in!

We are pleased to announce new post-war uniforms for the naval crews in all gaming nations. The crews of the later ships and boats in open gun mounts, decks and bridges, as well as those in the rangefinder stations will now have authentic Cold war era uniforms and differs from WWII ships crews.

Tide of emotions

The loudest improvement in the Apex Predators update is the completely reworked voices of fleet officers and crews during a battle. Orders from the captain, reporting of gun crews and ship damage reports are now heard like never before! The more intense the action is, the louder and more emotional the crew reports. At the beginning of the battle, the reports are short and concentrated, when the enemy appears and the first volleys of guns are made, the reports become louder and more intense, and the first hits on a player’s ship unleash tidal waves of ​​adrenaline!

Every nation speaks its own language with certain emotional features. However we can hardly describe those bright and emotional shouts of, for example, an Italian battleship crew, when amidst the battle - you’d better hear it yourself! By the way, you will be able to control the volume of the crew reports, or even mute them in the sound options.

WWII aircraft carriers

Some time ago, we presented new AI carriers for Cold War era aircraft. This time we prepared new models for WWII carriers of different nations that will be added to the game in the upcoming Apex Predators update. Please meet IJN Shokaku, HMS Illustrious of the Royal Navy, American USS Lexington, USS Saratoga and a true legend, USS Enterprise. These AI aircraft carriers will act as naval airfields in the aircraft gaming modes of different ranks. Welcome aboard, pilots!

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