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Winter event vehicles: Tornado IDS Marineflieger

German top-tier Tornado IDS Marineflieger jet fighter is the main aviation prize of the upcoming winter special event in War Thunder.

Tornado IDS Marineflieger, strike aircraft, Germany, Rank VIII, Event vehicle.


  • Variable sweep wing
  • Large payload
  • AS.34 Kormoran anti-ship missiles
  • Supersonic

Around the same time as the German Luftwaffe procured the Tornado IDS, the German navy also placed an order for around 110 aircraft. Equipping two wings of the Marineflieger, the Tornados in naval use replaced the outdated F-104 Starfighter which previously formed the backbone of the German aerial strike force. In naval service, the Tornado IDS was used to conduct maritime reconnaissance as well as fill the anti-shipping role. To this extent, the aircraft received specialized munition and went on to serve with the German naval air arm until 2005 when the units operating the Tornado were disbanded.


A unique version of the European multi-role jet fighter comes to the game as the main aircraft prize of the upcoming winter special event in War Thunder. The Tornado IDS Marineflieger is a top-tier variable-swing wing strike aircraft, capable of easily maneuvering at supersonic speeds and offering a good choice of the advanced ordnance.

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Sharing many features with the Tornado GR.1, the German naval variant of the Tornado is also distinguished by the capability of combining superb flight characteristics with a high payload. Apart from being able to carry large amounts of conventional ordnance, the Tornado can equip advanced weapon systems. Although, the naval version has no access to the guided bombs, it can be equipped with the all-new AS.34 Kormoran anti-ship missiles with a huge load of explosives. Furthermore, the two 27 mm cannons carried on board allow the Tornado to both stand its ground in a dogfight but also to inflict some considerable damage to ground units during low altitude strafing runs. Tornado IDS Marineflieger can additionally carry Sidewinder missiles - the all-aspect AIM-9L.

The renowned Tornado IDS Marineflieger is a true must-have for fans of modern German military combat aircraft. Want one for free? Soon we will tell you how!


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