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“Pandora’s Box”

Join the weekend “Pandora’s Box” special event and get unique titles and trophies with boosters, universal back-ups or Silver Lions!

From December 16th (11:00 GMT) until December 19th (08:00 GMT) join the “Pandora’s Box” special event!

The 10,000 and 20,000 victory points in the event will grant you a special title

“Defender of Pandora” and “Conqueror of Pandora” (consequently).

A special trophy “Pandora’s Box” is granted for each 6,000 victory points earned in battles. Each “Pandora’s Box” trophy contains one of the following prizes:

  • 50,000 - 100,000 Silver Lions
  • 20% - 50% booster for Research Points or Silver Lions
  • 3-5 universal back-ups for vehicles

You can receive a maximum of 5 “Pandora’s Box” trophies in total.

Pandora is a special planet. The Trade corporation sees it as the only source of the “leaven”, a unique material available only there. The Pandorians see their planet as a living creature with the great Sacred Tree as its heart. The battle fleet from the Corporation begins a fire mission in the Floating Isles region to locate and destroy the Sacred tree. This is how they plan to break down the feisty Pandorians. But the locals have obtained the Corporation’s war machines and are ready to ambush the invaders. Pandora's Box is fraught with trouble. Who will reap the danger? It is for you to decide!

Align with the mighty Corporation, or fight to defend the Sacred Tree, controlling unique flying war machines - the Dragonfly strike ornithopters! Join the Pandora’s Box special event in War Thunder!

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