Back on sale: Mi-24D!

Until 07:00 GMT on the 12th of December again on sale for Golden Eagles, the Soviet premium Mi-24D helicopter. And also a sticker for all Mi-24D wonders.

This is the “Crocodile” you all imagine it to be when you hear the name “Mi-24”. A development of the Mi-24A modification with glazed cockpit and the noticeably more powerful cannon armament in the nose turret.

Four-barreled 12.7 mm machine gun in the nose turret, increased survivability of the crew and 14 presets of external armament for every taste: bombs, rockets, anti-tank weapons, 23mm cannons in various combinations. And it all flies.

Mi-24D was taken off the market in 2019 but today the moderately chubby Crocodile will return to your hangars for Golden Eagles. And will bring with it a named decal.

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Note! Decal will be given out upon purchase of the Mi-24D and to all owners of this vehicle who purchased it earlier.

“Approved by WT Wiki" decal - unique for each new vehicle in our reviews.

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Contribute to the wiki with your own articles and receive Golden Eagles for your contribution!

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