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9A35M2 - it’s time to master missiles!

In the upcoming War Thunder update, the 9A35М2 will become the earliest SAM available for research in the Soviet tech tree.

9A35M2, SAM, USSR, rank VI


  • Maneuverable missiles
  • High profile
  • Unable to hit ground targets
  • Amphibious

The continued development of the Strela-1 short-range missile air defense system resulted in the creation of the Strela-10 system. Sample testing began in the period from 1973, and after improvements and corrections, the first serial modification of the Strela-10 entered service in 1976. Almost immediately after that, further modernization and improvement of the project led to the release of the Strela-10M complexes in 1979, Strela-10M2 in 1981 and the most advanced Strela-10M4 in 1989. Work on the project of a regimental self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system continued into the 21st century, however, these modifications were not mass-produced and were never put in service.


With the release of the next major game update, enthusiasts of Soviet vehicles in War Thunder will receive the 9A35M2, a.k.a. Strela-10M2, the first air defense system available for research in the Soviet ground vehicle tech tree. The machine, built on the chassis of the MT-LB armored tractor, is designed to destroy enemy aircraft at short and medium distances.

The 9A35M2 ammunition load is 8 surface-to-air missiles with a thermal seeker: four in launch containers and four available for reloading. The missiles are capable of hitting enemy aircraft at distances up to 5 km, while the missile has a good maximum overload indicator for its rank, which results in high maneuverability.

Download Wallpaper:

The new 9A35M2 should feel very familiar to tankers already familiar with the Shturm-S, as both vehicles share the MT-LB multi-purpose chassis. It is a quite mobile amphibious platform that can easily overcome rough terrain. The armor of the vehicle is only bulletproof and will not protect against tank guns, autocannons and close bomb explosions. By the way, the 9A35M2 itself has a fairly high silhouette, so it would be wise to fire from behind cover or from the lowlands.

The new Soviet air defense system will take place between the artillery anti-aircraft guns and the 2S6 SAM, thus covering the need for anti-aircraft missiles at the pre-top ranks. The vehicle will be able to provide invaluable assistance to the team, destroying attack aircraft and early helicopters, which are forced to come close to the tank battle area due to the limited range of their ATGMs.

Look for a new SAM vehicle at rank VI of Soviet armored vehicles research tree immediately after the release of the upcoming War Thunder winter update. You will always be the first to know about other interesting vehicles, locations, new game mechanics and game improvements in our Devblog series. Stay tuned to the news!

You can greatly speed up the research on this vehicle with:

Object 120 Pack
Object 120 Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • Object 120 "Taran" (Rank V, USSR)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days
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