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2S38 - Fast and Angry

The new Russian 2S38 SPAAG armed with an automatic 57mm cannon comes to War Thunder as a light tank capable of countering both aerial and ground targets.

2S38, light tank, USSR, rank VI. Premium.


  • 57mm automatic cannon
  • Capable of eliminating ground vehicles and aircraft
  • Decent mobility
  • A non crewed turret
  • Light armor

In the mid 2010s, the Central Scientific Research Institute Burevestnik in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, developed an artillery turret with a 57mm cannon, designed for ships and armored vehicles. A little later, the module was upgraded for installation on the 2S38 platform (a modified version of the BMP-3 AFV chassis). The first prototype was demonstrated to the public in 2018, in 2020 2S38s took part in the Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow. At the moment, the vehicle is being commissioned for service with the Russian army.


2S38 “Derivatsiya-PVO” is a new Premium light tank of the USSR/RF tech tree, which will appear in the “Fire and Ice” update. The vehicle originally designed as an anti-aircraft artillery system is able to counter both aircraft and armored vehicles, including tanks! Automatic cannon, good mobility, uninhabited turret and laser warning system make an excellent scout vehicle for high-rank battles!

The 57mm 2A90 automatic gun is a further development of the S-60 series familiar to players from the ZSU-57-2 SPAAG. On the new 2S38 it is part of an uninhabited turret, which also includes an automatic target tracking for air targets, a laser rangefinder, a coaxial machine gun, a laser warning sensor and a thermal imager. In addition to the AP and HE shells familiar from the Soviet ZSU-57-2, the new gun receives a radio fuse HE round for destroying aircraft at long distances, as well as a APFSDS round capable of destroying most main battle tanks to the sides.

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The chassis for the 2S38 is a modified BMP-3 AFV with metal floats along the sides of the hull. The chassis has bulletproof armor, although able to withstand some autocannons from the front. The platform itself is quite tall and you will have to look for cover. When properly covered, the advantages of an uninhabited turret are fully revealed, allowing the commander to fire and mark out targets to allies without exposing the crew. With a high power-to-weight ratio and a good maximum speed, the 2S38 is highly mobile on all types of terrain, and the floats make the vehicle amphibious.The disadvantage of the design is the layout of the crew, in one row in front of the full, so that a single tank shot is able to wipe out the entire crew instantly.

The advanced 2S38 light tank with an automatic cannon is a great addition to the Soviet ground battle setup for top-tier battles! Premium 2S38 will appear in the game with the release of the major update “Fire and Ice” - be the first to try it in battles!

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