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Pre-order: T-2 Early Pack
Pre-order - T-2 Early Pack
Pre-order - T-2 Early Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • T-2 Early (Rank 6, Japan);
  • 2,000 Golden Eagles;
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique "Supersonic Samurai" title;
  • Pre-order bonus: "Red Stork" decal;
  • Pre-order bonus: "Blue Impulse" camouflage.

The Mitsubishi T-2 is a trainer jet fighter developed in Japan in the early 70s. Back in the mid-60s Japan investigated a new supersonic trainer aircraft to replace the obsolete sub-sonic Fuji T-1. In March 1968 the project took final shape, followed by the creation of the first prototype designated XT-2. Some of the prototypes were later brought up to production series standard. The aircraft was armed with a JM61A1 20mm rotary cannon, widely known as “Vulcan”.

The T-2 wields a variety of weapons, including a pair of AIM-9E air-to-air missiles, up to five 500lb or 750lb bombs, as well as FFAR and Zuni Mk 32 rockets in various combinations.

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