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Battle Pass vehicles: Su-8

The Su-8 twin-engine attack aircraft will be the most heavily armed cannon aircraft in the game at launch!

Su-8, attack aircraft, USSR, rank IV. Premium.


  • Four 45 mm guns
  • AP rounds
  • Large payload
  • Mediocre maneuverability when using suspended weapons

The team at the Sukhoi Design Bureau submitted to the 1940 competition for for the Red Army Air Force a project of a single-seat twin-engine aircraft with the promising M-71 engines, which were supposed to provide good flight characteristics even when using a large payload weight. After the initial approval of the idea and the first recommendations received from military authorities, the production facilities of aviation plant No. 289 were hastily evacuated to the city of Molotov, since the German army was approaching Moscow. Despite the turmoil and confusion associated with the relocation of production facilities,work on the aircraft’s design continued and went on until the end of the war.

While development was in progress, the aircraft became a two-seater, the engines received an afterburner mode, armor was significantly increased, and firepower increased drastically. The final factory tests on the Su-8 took place only in the spring of 1945, when the attack aviation niche was occupied by Ilyushin aircraft and the latest IL-10 was already in service, the components and assembly of which had been mastered in production. The Su-8 attack aircraft was not submitted for state testing and the project was closed in 1945.


The main prize in the new Battle Pass season, the Soviet Su-8 attack aircraft, seems to have been created for War Thunder mixed battles. Unprecedentedly powerful guns, significant payload, good survivability, and a Premium status makes the Su-8 one of the best mid-tier aircraft for attacking ground targets in mixed air battles.

The main caliber of the Su-8 is a battery of four 45mm NS-45 guns with an ammunition load of 50 rounds per barrel. The guns are located under the fuselage along the axis of the aircraft that makes it possible to conduct accurate fire even at longer distances. When using armor-piercing shells, cannon fire becomes dangerous for any ground vehicles, including the most heavily armored SPGs and heavy tanks. Cannons can fire bursts, but in this mode the dispersion increases. We recommend firing single shots or short bursts, aim at the side, turret roof and engine compartment roof of enemy vehicles and destroy any enemy with just a few successful salvos!

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In addition to cannon armament, the Su-8 carries a large payload of bombs and rockets of various calibers. Up to 10 unguided HE or AP rockets of 82 and 132 mm calibers are installed under the wing, pylons for 100kg, 250kg and 500kg bombs are located under the fuselage - up to 1600 kg in total, if some of the bombs are also mounted on the wings . The pilot will have a choice of various combinations of bombs and rockets of various calibers, however, it should be remembered that the speed and maneuverability of the already heavy Su-8 fall even lower if the attack aircraft carries external weapons. It is most advisable to use the bombs during the initial fly-overs of targets in order to maintain speed and maneuverability for aimed firing from cannons and avoiding a chase.

The Su-8 is noticeably more durable in combat compared to many other attack aircraft. Two air-cooled engines, very strong windshield armored properties, as well as two turrets give the Su-8 a good chance to get to its airfield in one piece even after taking significant damage from anti-aircraft guns or under fire from fighter machine guns. However, successfully landing a clumsy and damaged Su-8 is as difficult as getting away from the chase.

The Su-8 will be yours for completing the stages of the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass! We will announce the full terms and conditions and other prizes of the season very soon. Follow the news and get ready for battle!


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