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Squadron vehicles: Su-22M3

A superb Soviet fighter-bomber, the Su-22M3 is the new squadron vehicle in War Thunder.

Su-22M3, Strike Aircraft, USSR, Rank VII


  • High max speed and climb rate
  • About 50 presets of secondary weapons
  • Brilliant selection of guided weapons to hit ground targets
  • Variable sweep wing

The Su-22M3 is one of the variants of the Su-17 strike aircraft series designed for export. A distinctive feature of the project was the adaptation of the Su-17M3 airframe for the installation of the Tumansky R-29BS-300 engine, similar to the exported MiG-23’s R-29-300. It was assumed that the engine, familiar to foreign operators, would simplify the service and operation of the aircraft. Unlike the earlier simplified commercial versions, the Su-22M3 modification had avionics completely unified with the Su-17M3. The machine was produced in 1982-83 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a total of 70 Su-22M3 units were built. These fighter-bombers were delivered to Hungary, Siria, and Iraq.


The Su-22M3 fighter-bomber will become a unique attack aircraft in the USSR aviation research line, which will be available to squadron members. The Su-22M3 is an improved modification of the Su-17 attack aircraft with an expanded selection of suspended weapons (including guided ones) and a more powerful engine. The maximum speed and rate of climb of the already fast Su-17 have become even higher - the MiG engine R-29BS-300 delivers more than 10,000 kgf thrust at the afterburner mode, therefore, with low payload aboard, the Su-22M3 can easily compete with the best fighters in the game in terms of speed (not in terms of maneuverability, though). The maximum payload of the Su-22M3 has remained approximately the same as on the Su-17M2, but the choice of weapons has significantly expanded. With about 50 combinations of guided and unguided weapons for any mission and any combat style, the new squadron fighter-bomber is one of the most versatile aircraft in the game. Pre-installed forward 30-mm cannons can be reinforced with the 23-mm GSh-23L gunpods. The Su-22M3 carries bombs of different calibers, including the 8x500 kg, a wide variety of unguided rockets - from small cumulative S-8K and S-3K to heavy S-24B and new for the game S-25O with a TNT weight of 58 kg.

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The Su-22M3 guided weapons are represented by the Kh-23M, Kh-25ML guided air-to-surface missiles, as well as the heavy Kh-29L with high-explosive armor-piercing warheads and the S-25L missiles with a semi-active laser seeker, new to War Thunder. From the air-to-air weapons, pilots have access to only R-60 missiles - quite good ones though. Unlike the Su-17, pilots are able to equip up to 6 missiles at once, and combine them with all the main presets of guided and unguided weapons. You really would better have at least a couple of R-60s on any mission!

In addition to the excellent weapons and speed performance, the Su-22M3 is equipped with a flares/chaff launcher,  a radio rangefinder and a radar warning system, which is obviously the “must have” for combined battles.

In summary,  the Su-22M3 will become is of the best squadron vehicles in the game, which will seriously strengthen the top-tier Soviet setup in mixed battles, as well as expand the selection of high-ranking attack aircraft and bombers for RB and SB. Join the existing squadrons or create your own, fight together with your comrades and get unique squadron vehicles! If you prefer to fight alone, this aircraft will be available to you for the Golden Eagles.


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