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Israeli Air Forces - Become a tester!

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Pilots, with the release of the “Winged Lions” update, we are beginning aviation CBT for Israel!

During CBT the possibility of researching and purchasing Israeli vehicles will be limited. Players that achieve tester status or purchase packs specific to this CBT will be able to research and purchase new vehicles.

How to become a tester

From 11:00 GMT on the 14th of December until 11:00 GMT on the 23rd of January.

Get 12 “Tester stars” to get unlimited access to the Isareli aircraft research tree. You can obtain 1 star per day.

Tester Star

Win 5 battles with a game activity of 70% or higher whilst flying aircraft of rank III or higher.

Daily tasks for “Tester stars” will be updated at 11:00 GMT on each day.

Closed Beta Test packs

By purchasing one of the following premium vehicle packs you will get immediate access to the Isareli aircraft research tree.

Ezer Weizman's Spitfire Pack
Ezer Weizman's Spitfire Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • Spitfire LF.Mk.IXe (Premium, Rank IV, Israel)
  • 1000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 7 days
  • Access to the Israeli Air Forces CBT
A-4E IAF Pack
A-4E IAF Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • A-4E; (Premium, Rank VI, Israel)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • Premium account for 15 days.
  • Access to the Israeli Air Forces CBT


  • Daily tasks for “Tester stars” will be updated at 11:00 GMT every day.
  • For 10 tester stars you will get special decal “Emblem of the Israeli Air Forces”.
  • All players that achieve tester status will receive a forum award - it will be displayed under any messages you leave on the forum (in one of the upcoming updates).
  • You can follow your progress by clicking on your Nickname → Achievements → “Israeli Air Forces".
  • The time window for receiving the tester stars is not related to the completion of the Israeli aviation CBT.
  • We do not plan to reset any research progress for Israeli vehicles after the CBT ends.

The War Thunder Team

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