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“River Hunter”: Warbonds

The Warbond shop is available during the entire “River Hunter” season.

Big changes in the shop

The Warbond Shop has existed in War Thunder longer than the Battle Pass, and it is time for a quality upgrade. Check out the changes that come to the Shop with the new Battle Pass “River Hunter” season.

Expanding the assortment

Players, especially with a small number of Special Task medals, asked us for a greater variety of items as the shop level increased. Here you are!

We have revised the distribution of goods by shop level, divided some of them into more and less valuable ones, and also added new ones that we will discuss below.

Adding valuable goods...

It is no secret that a battle trophy with vehicles was often used for sale on the Market, since experienced players found that vehicles for the low ranks rarely represent any game value. In order to keep interest in the goods at a high level, we decided to replace this trophy with a much more valuable product - a talisman for high rank vehicles!

To open access to a battle trophy with a talisman for ranks IV-V vehicles, you will need a significant number of Special Task medals.

And saving available goods

To maintain balance and interest in the shop among less active Battle Pass players, we are also expanding the shop's assortment with relevant items. A small number of medals will open access to combat trophies with camouflages. But only those that are available for getting in game through achievements or purchasable for Golden Eagles.

We have also moved some of the premium vehicles in the shop to lower levels that will definitely increase your interest in such goods.

Another interesting purchase option is the updated Camouflage decoration trophy, to which we have added bush decorations from the recent War Thunder major update.

We are sure that these changes will make each visit to the Warbond Shop more fun, and the assortment at each level will be more balanced now. The implementation of these changes also required a rebalancing of the shop level ratio to the progress in the Battle Pass, there are now 6 levels for it.

Check out the new Warbond Shop

The Warbond shop is available from rank III and is part of the Battle Pass. You purchase items with a special currency - Warbonds, which you can obtain by unlocking Battle Pass levels.

Open “Shop” → “Warbond shop” to see the assortment and we will show you some of the most interesting items.

Season 5 Vehicles



H-81A-2 (first time in Warbond shop)

B1 ter

USS Moffett (first time in Warbond shop)

Thunderbolt Mk.1 (first time in Warbond shop)

Pz.Bef.Wg.IV J



"HeartBreaking Kasha" pinup, 13th BS, USAF, 1952


Decal created by Colin 'Fenris' Muir.

You can see the full assortiment in the warbond shop for the current season as well as the conditions for obtaining them directly in the game!

The War Thunder Team


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