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Israel, a new gaming nation coming to War Thunder!

We are happy to inform you that in one of the future War Thunder updates a new playable nation will appear - Israel! Despite its youth, the Israeli armed forces are rightfully considered one of the most combat-ready armies in the world, and Israel's military forces are an interesting alloy of foreign vehicles with advanced domestic machines.

In the upcoming War Thunder update "Ground Breaking", two premium aircraft from the early access packs will be added to the Israeli aviation lineup. The owners of the packs will be the first to get access to the closed beta testing of the aviation tech tree of the new playable nation, that will begin in the next major update after the upcoming “Ground Breaking” update. Prior to Israeli aviation CBT, early access pack owners will be able to participate in aircraft random battles and prepare their crews!

Spitfire LF Mk IXe by Ezer Weizman

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One of the most successful modifications of the legendary Spitfire in the livery of the personal aircraft of Ezer Weizman, a RAF veteran pilot, who later became the commander of the Israeli Air Force, and subsequently became the president of the nation!



 In addition to the perfect maneuverability and excellent speed at low and medium altitudes, this aircraft carries 8 cm Flz.-Rakete Oerlikon rockets, unique to the game, with a shaped-charged warhead and an armor penetration value up to 300mm.

A-4E Skyhawk (Late)

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A late Israeli modification of one of the best strike aircraft in the game! The aircraft features a new armament of 2х30mm DEFA guns, a parachute, and an elongated tail. The premium Skyhawk carries a large payload of various suspended weapons - bombs up to 2,000 pounds, Zuni and Mighty Mouse rockets, gun pods, and the AGM-62 Walleye guided bombs


A wonderful strike aircraft and the best choice to accelerate the research of high-ranking Israeli aviation!



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