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Wiesel armored vehicles: MK20/TOW/2 ADWC

In the upcoming “Ground Breaking” update we will present three vehicles from the long anticipated Wiesel series. What they lack in size, they make up for in guns!

Wiesel series, SPAAG/SPG, Germany, V-VI ranks


  • Ultra compact
  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • Good weapons


  • Weak protection
  • Small crew

Work on a new Bundeswehr air-landing armored vehicle to replace the KraKa began in the early 1970’s. The vehicle was created bare bones with the initial possible weapon options, an automatic 20mm gun or HOT anti-tank missile launcher. A little later, the version with a TOW ATGM appeared, and in total it was supposed to develop about 20 armament options in this project. In 1987 an armored vehicle with a 20mm automatic gun  was put into service under the name Wiesel (German for "weasel"). The Bundeswehr ordered two large batches of the vehicle - with a 20mm gun and a TOW ATGM. IFV’s began to enter service in 1990; and soon Wiesel took a baptism of fire in Somalia, and later Kosovo and Afghanistan. In 1994, the Wiesel 2 version appeared with a slightly increased hull volume and an improved engine. Since the adoption of the second version of the armored vehicle, an active development of the promising versions, that had not been implemented earlier, began. In 1997, on the basis of Wiesel 2, a light air defense system was introduced, which was put into service under the name Ozelot. Combat vehicles on the Wiesel chassis are currently in service with the German army in many versions, including command vehicles, ambulances, self-propelled artillery and so on.

In the new major update "Ground Breaking" we will present three versions of armored vehicles based on the Wiesel chassis. All three are destined to be popular: they are small, fast and dangerous. Any hit taken  is almost certain death, every battle introduces a bucket of adrenaline into your veins! Get ready for the invasion of the mean  German "cockroaches"!

Wiesel 1A4


The basic version of the vehicle with a 20mm Rheinmetall 202/20 cannon. The gun is mounted on a remote mount, it has a very good traverse speed and excellent targeting angles. With the belts available immediately after researching, the gun can be effectively used against lightly armored targets, helicopters, and low-flying aircraft. The research of the DM63 modification will add a choice of the armor-piercing sub-calibre projectiles, able to penetrate many tanks in the side. The crew of the vehicle is only two, the fire control system includes a laser rangefinder and thermal imagers for both crew members.

Wiesel 1A2

The version of the armored vehicle with a launcher for the TOW-2 ATGM, tandem warhead TOW-2A and TOW-2B, which is able to hit tanks from above. Ammo capacity is 7 missiles, a crew of 3 (that really helps with survival in this model). Traditionally small silhouette, excellent speed, as well as thermal imagers for night battles. An almost ideal little beastie for capturing points and ambushes in the most unexpected places for the enemy!


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This version of the vehicle with the Stinger SAM on board is the tallest of the three due to the high launcher, ammunition in the suspended box, and a pair of high antennas. However, the Ozelot is easy to hide in small bushes, behind ruins, and amongst rocks. Good missiles and low cost in Respawn Points - what else is needed to rid the threat to your team of overly self-confident attack aircraft and helicopters?

You can greatly speed up the research on this vehicle with:

Leopard Pack
This pack includes
  • Leopard A1A1 L/44 (Rank 6, Germany);
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
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