Wiki Review: Strv 103-0 Now for Golden Eagles!

One of the most unusual main battle tanks of the Swedish research tree is back on sale, in game right now for Golden Eagles!

Following the major redesign of the hull guidance mechanics, both the Swedish Strv line and the German VT1-2 are ready to show their best sides, and with the premium Strv 103-0 prototype, you will also receive many more Research Points and Silver Lions.

With a total of three crew members, survivability after taking hits from an enemy can be slim. However, the Strv 103 series are the only tanks that can operate with only a single crew member! Its frontal armour sports an impressive angle of inclination, it’s extremely low in terms of overall size, and it bears decent protection for its crew. It also has a high rate of fire. All of these features were included in the vehicle’s first prototype - surely you can agree, this tank is quite unique.

Read about the Strv 103-0

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