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New Locations & Updated Test Drive

Along with an abundance of new vehicles and features, the next major War Thunder update will also introduce two new locations for combined battles as well as an updated test drive environment for tankers. Today we would like to tell you more about these so let’s dive right into the details!

New Locations 

In the next major update “Direct hit” arriving to War Thunder we look forward to further expanding the number of battlefields for players to engage in heated skirmishes on by introducing two new locations for combined battles. Tankers, welcome ‘Breslau’ and ‘Spaceport’ to the map rotation!



Spaceport is another new combined battle map awaiting players in the upcoming update. While also featuring some urban combat, Spaceport offers more open fighting grounds surrounding the confined city center.

Players who took part in the April Fools event ‘Warfare 2077’ may recall already battling it out on Spaceport. Those players who missed this opportunity won’t have to wait long for a second chance, however. Spaceport will become available in the regular map rotation with the arrival of the next major War Thunder update!



Breslau is a new combined battles map, focused on urban combat. The location is inspired by the Siege of Breslau (Wrocław) which took place in the final months of WWII. While focused around intense close-quarter engagements for the most part, Breslau’s northern area is home to a more open battleground, ideally suited for nimble light vehicles to outflank their opponents or scout enemy positions.

On the other hand, the southern end of the map offers plenty of opportunities for brawlers to duke it out in head-on street battles while the occasional town square or park with its wide open space will enable tank commanders to more freely maneuver and potentially break a stalemate.

Updated Test Drive 


For some time now, tankers recall Kursk not only as a battleground, but also as the place where they give ground vehicles their first proper look outside the hangar. However, while Kursk was home to the largest tank battle in history, we believe that it didn’t do as good of a job of being a suitable proving ground in the game. That being said, we’ve decided to update the test drive for ground vehicles with a new location which gives tankers a much better environment to more thoroughly put their vehicle through its paces.


Unlike Kursk, the new test drive location is a lot more diverse. It features different terrain types, such as mud and paved roads, and also has more dynamic elevation while at the same time retaining the familiar dummy targets for shooting practice. As a result, tankers will be able to get a much better grasp of their vehicle’s performance under different conditions; for example how fast it accelerates on paved roads or how quickly it can get up a steep hill, or learn its vertical aiming angles. Also, aircraft AI targets are now available for all ground vehicle classes, not only SPAAGs. Eager to give it a shot already? The new test drive location will become available as part of the upcoming update, arriving soon to War Thunder!

The new locations and updated test drive will soon appear in War Thunder as they arrive as part of the next major update. Stay tuned for more!

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