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Vickers Mk.3: handy upgrades

The Vickers Mk.3 is a further developed variant of the Vickers MBT, already familiar to tankers and fans of British armour in the game. Sporting notable improvements in mobility, the Vickers Mk.3 will soon become available to all tankers in War Thunder as it arrives as part of the next major update!

Vickers Mk.3, medium tank, Britain, rank V


  • Uprated engine
  • New round type


  • Thinly armoured hull

Following the development of the Vickers MBT in the mid 1960’s, British engineers continued work on the design. In 1974, the Mark 3 variant of the Vickers MBT was constructed and promised improved combat capabilities over the previous model. With this, Vickers hoped to make their vehicle even more attractive to potential international operators given the fact that the entire Vickers MBT design was intended for the export market.

The Vickers Mk.3 featured, among other upgrades over the base model, a new turret design with improved protection as well a more powerful engine and enhancements to its fire control systems whilst retaining its predecessors 105 mm L7 cannon for example. Vickers received the first orders for the newly developed tank in the mid 1970’s before a larger order of 76 vehicles was placed by the Kenyan Army. Several years later, Nigeria also purchased over a 100 Vickers Mk.3 including additional engineering and recovery vehicle versions of the tank.

The Vickers Mk.3 still serves to this day with the Kenyan and Nigerian armed forces where with the latter, the Vickers Mk.3 saw action during anti-insurgency operations in 2015. Overall, well over 220 Vickers Mk.3 were manufactured spanning over several different sub-variants.


In War Thunder, the Vickers Mk.3 will be a new addition arriving to the higher ranks of the British ground forces tree as part of the next major update coming to the game. Sharing many similarities with its base variant already familiar to some seasoned British tankers, this later modification of the Vickers MBT offers its aspiring commanders handy upgrades in the areas of firepower and mobility! Let’s talk about the details, shall we?

While the existing Vickers MBT already possesses fairly good mobility, this later variant of the vehicle enhances it even further. Being equipped with a more powerful 720 horsepower diesel engine, the Vickers Mk.3 possesses a better power-to-weight ratio which allows it to more easily traverse less hospitable terrain and get up to its maximum speed of 31 mph (50 km/h) faster.

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The Vickers Mk.3 inherits its predecessor's main armament in the shape of the well-known 105 mm L7 cannon. New shell has been added, M456 HEATFS with up to 400 mm armour penetration. Also, the vehicle’s new turret also allows for better vertical firing angles of the gun, extending the maximum gun depression. Furthermore, tankers will also be able to land shots more accurately at longer ranges thanks to the presence of a laser rangefinder. This should make scoring a direct first hit at more distant targets much easier!

Despite all these upgrades however, the core of the Vickers MBT design hasn’t changed much. The vehicle is highly mobile and packs some serious firepower and still isn’t suited for close quarter brawls. Instead, tankers will be much better off using the Vickers Mk.3 as a support or flanker vehicle, thus making the most of the vehicle’s good mobility and hard-hitting and fast-firing gun.

The Vickers Mk.3 will arrive to rank V of the British ground forces tree as part of the next major update coming soon to War Thunder. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue unveiling what other exciting new additions and features await you in the upcoming update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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