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Wiki Review: Somua SM

Until 20:00 GMT on the 29th of August, by purchasing the pack with premium Somua SM you will get a special ”Approved by WT Wiki” decal.

Somua SM 

Alongside the similar Lorraine and AMX-50 series, the French tree has another unique and interesting vehicle from the postwar years of French heavy armoured development!

The Somua SM is an excellent alternative to the AMX-50 series. Boasting good protection, the French autoloading system and a rapid rate of fire on top of premium bonuses to help to progress more quickly through the ranks of the French Tree and earn more in the process!

This pack includes

The “Approved by WT Wiki” decal - is one of the rarest decals in the game that can be obtained by the author of good articles on the War Thunder Wiki and a player who has purchased the vehicle from the review created by Wiki Team.

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