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It’s fixed! №16

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder on the website special section.

Improving weapon control logic


There is a possibility in the game to switch to a specific armament in your vehicle that allows you to control only it - regardless of other cannons and suspended weaponry. However previously,  in the case of aircraft, after such a switch the hotkeys continued to work. These hotkeys might already be assigned to specific actions for other weapons (typical example - the assignment of firing on aircraft machine guns to one key and cannons to another) which created a problem. 

Now, switching to control specific weapons on the aircraft will block the hotkeys responsible for actions with other weapons. It has become more convenient.

Fixing the miraculous commander’s camera

The new functionality of the commander sights is very useful in many situations but what they didn’t know was how to make your own vehicle invisible. Because of the bug the hull of your ground vehicle and its cannon disappeared in the sight.

This mystical problem has been fixed.

Adding control for weaponry from commander position


We continue to expand the range of vehicles that have access to more useful functionality for controlling weapons from the commander's sights. If you have forgotten about it, we explained its functionality here

Vehicles that have received this additional feature: ZTZ96, M41 SDF, leKPz M41, VEAK 40.

Correcting the rangefinder values in smoke


In the last “It’s fixed!”, we made an important fix to the game mechanics in aiming that began to ignore smoke screens when aiming at a target. But the vehicle’s fire control system with automatic range input introduced the maximum range into the sight and knocked out the player’s aiming in such situations. 

Fixed! Now rangefinder values will be displayed as before, but this value will not be automatically entered into the sight.

Untied the electro-hydraulic suspension from the engine


We continue to work on vehicles with the hull aiming mechanics. This time we are fixing the cases of elevation angle failure when the vehicle’s engine is damaged or disabled.

In reality the electro-hydraulic suspension is capable of raising and lowering the hull without the help of the engine. Now it can be done in War Thunder.

Clarified hull aiming mechanics

Now, for the vehicles with hull aiming, the horizon control will no longer work with a damaged engine, tracks or transmission. The change will not affect VT1-2 which, with an operable running gear due to auxiliary electric engines, is able to turn even if the engine is inoperable until the batteries are depleted.

Aiming during crew replenishment or when assisting in repairs and firefighting will remain so that vehicles with hull aiming will not receive an additional penalty compared to conventional tanks that can aim and fire in such situations.

More improvements

For this digest we have prepared a large set of useful fixes and game improvements. Be sure to read the full list which we have prepared in the separate changelog - there are many interesting things.

Open the full changelog

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted in our bug report section on the War Thunder forums.


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