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“Victory Cup” tournament - Winners

Meet the winners of the Victory Cup tournament!

The podium was taken by the teams Leet, kompans and Verve! Leet fighters will be rewarded with Samsung Galaxy A52 smartphones. Kompans players will receive LG gaming monitors. Verve esports athletes will be rewarded with ASPIS gaming headsets. All tournament winners will also be rewarded with memorable titles, decals, Golden Eagles and Gaijin.Net in-game awards!

1st place — team Leet
  • __VoLKoDaV__ (captain)
  • Doomheart
  • Planshetus
  • Mr_Eduardo
  • _G_A_M_B_1_T_
  • x_Andrew_x
2nd place — team kompans
  • Agent_Keren (captain)
  • Agent_Neme
  • Jac3k_
  • Agent_Bolo
  • ZetRoX
  • BaroN303
  • Ukiii
3rd place — team Verve
3rd place — team Verve
  • FlourBug (captain)
  • _Barlpad_
  • WindHack
  • _AxiE
  • M9TeJKik
  • gogig88
  • B0JI40H0K 

Each team member gets:

  • Samsung Galaxy A52 smartphone
  • Any Pack from the Gaijin.net Store
  • Title “Victory Cup Champion”
  • 5,000 Golden Eagles

Each team member gets:

  • LG 24GL650-B gaming monitor
  • Choice of Pack from the Gaijin.net Store for the winner up to the value of $39.99.
  • 3,000 Golden Eagles

Each team member gets:

  • ASPIS PRO gaming headset
  • Choice of Pack from the Gaijin.net Store for the winner up to the value of $19.99.
  • 2,000 Golden Eagles

For two weeks, during the weekends, eSportsReady’s streamers were streaming battles from the tournament, where viewers might receive useful bonuses in Twitch Drops. We would like to thank the organizers, participants and viewers of the tournament and we look forward to the next War Thunder competition!

The “Victory Cup” was organized by the Odintsovo Youth Centre of the Odintsovo City District and the Association of cybersport.

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