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Location: Drowned city

A new naval location designed for dynamic firefights with the coastal fleet!

The ocean flooded cargo terminal, vehicle overpasses and the downtown of an Asian seaside metropolis. It is here, with the roar of engines and the clang of machine-gun belts, boats and patrol ships from the War Thunder coastal fleets will clash in battle! We present a new location for naval battles “Drowned City”, that will appear in the game with the release of the upcoming major update “Red Skies”!



We originally created this location specifically for the mosquito fleet of War Thunder - there are many shelters made from containers scattered by flooding, ship skeletons, heaps of garbage, road junctions and  trees shrouded in sea mud. Aviation will maneuver between tall skyscrapers, looking for an obvious boat whilst hiding from anti-aircraft guns.



To create this location, we were inspired by the views of the coastal cities of South-East Asia, especially Hong Kong. Its an amazing location between the mountains and the sea, as well as characteristic skyscrapers with holes (“dragon gates” - according to Feng Shui, through these openings in buildings dragons from the mountains descend to the sea) largely determined the appearance of the “Drowned City”.

The War Thunder Team

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