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Top Gun Day: Premium F-5C in Red Menace camo for pre-order!

Special offer for a special day! The greatest premium strike aircraft in the game, the American F-5C Skoshi Tiger with the bonus “Aggressors” camouflage, is now open for pre-orders in our digital store!

Pre-order - F-5C Pack
Pre-order - F-5C Pack
The Kit Includes:

About the aircraft: The F-5C Skoshi Tiger is an American premium supersonic fighter-bomber that will become the best premium attack aircraft in War Thunder when it appears in the game. An excellent top speed of over Mach 1.5, seven weapon attachment points and a huge payload mass in dozens of combinations make the aircraft an extremely flexible and effective tool for solving any task, be it hunting for aircraft, bombing enemy bases or destroying ground vehicles. Playing in the F-5C brings increased income in Silver Lions and significantly speeds up the research of any aircraft in the US lineup.

The F-5C will appear in the game with the release of the next major update for War Thunder!

About the camo: F-5 jet fighter, painted black with red stars, impersonated the ominous MiG-28, fictional antagonist of the “Top Gun” movie. Its black camo with red stars and identification marks embodied the “Red Menace” - cruel and inevitable force from propaganda movies. In the US air forces, there are several actual “Aggressors” squads - US jet-fighters imitating Soviet/Russian aircraft. You have a unique chance to get a special pre-order bonus - a black “Aggressors” camo for your Premium F-5C jet fighter!

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