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Su-7BMK: From Russia with Love

Briefly: A Premium version of the outstanding Soviet strike aircraft with cool camouflages!

Su-7BMK, strike aircraft, USSR,  rank VI. Premium, as a bundle.


  • High speed and climb rate
  • Huge load
  • Research boost to any USSR aircraft


  • Lacks guided weapons
  • Poor controllability at high speeds

Fighter-bombers of the Su-7 series made a great impression on the military departments of the Soviet partner countries. Soon, the government of the USSR began to receive requests for the supply of a supersonic Su-7 abroad. The export version, indexed Su-7BMK (K for "commercial"), was developed on the basis of a modification of the Su-7BM using components and assemblies of the serially produced Su-7BKL. Since the USSR did not plan to export some types of weapons and radio equipment, part of the aircraft's systems were dismantled, and part were replaced with more simplified equipment, this resulted in the export version losing almost half a ton of weight.

The first Su-7BMKs began to be supplied to Egypt, and then to other countries, while some of the aircraft entered service with the Air Forces of the USSR as trainers and combat units . In total, 441 Su-7BMK have been produced since the spring of 1967, making this modification the most massive in the entire Su-7 family. The aircraft were actively used in combat, their participation was especially noticeable in the Indo-Pakistani conflict.

Pre-order - Su-7BMK Pack
Pre-order - Su-7BMK Pack
The Kit Includes:

The Su-7BMK, the export version of the Su-7 fighter-bomber, will become one of the top-tier premium aircraft in the USSR tech tree. In terms of flight performance and armament, the new attack aircraft is very similar to the formidable Su-7BKL, beloved by War Thunder pilots and tankers. This is a fast, with a speed of almost Mach 2, a very sturdy and well-protected aircraft that does an excellent job of destroying ground targets and helicopters. The fighters in the series are distinguished by an excellent climb rate and high maximum speed.

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In addition to the 30mm cannons, able to hit light ground vehicles and helicopters, the Su-7BMK carries a large payload of several types of unguided rockets, or up to 2.5 tons of bombs. The aircraft has two notable drawbacks: a lack of guided weapons and mediocre maneuverability at high speeds. The Su-7BMK has high survivability due to its robust airframe and good protection of the cockpit, In addition, it is equipped with a radar warning station, which helps to spot and react to the threat of guided weapons. The Su-7BMK has become even more profitable - premium status increases the profitability of the attack aircraft, but also allows you to significantly speed up the research of any Soviet aircraft!

It is worth mentioning that in the bundle you will receive several excellent camouflages at once, including the standard silver camouflage, the liveries of the Egyptian and Indian Air Forces, and a pre-order bonus - a non-standard black camouflage for the commander of the 32nd Indian Air Force for demonstration performances in February of 1982. So beautiful!

Su-7BMK is available as part of a special bundle in our online store. This is a very good attack aircraft that will perform well both in air assaults and in storm raids of high-rank mixed battles.

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