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May sale in War Thunder!

In-game discounts for vehicles of all nations, discounts in the Gaijin.Net store as well as discounts for premium accounts and other game items.

Clear out some space in your hangar and wake up the mechanics - they will have some work to do! We are beginning discounts on vehicles, both in game and in the store, boosters, and Premium account. Let’s go!

30% off vehicles, talismans, modifications and backup vehicles for the specified nations!

April 30 — May 3

Germany, Japan, Italy

May 3 — May 6

China, France, Sweden

May 6 — May 10

USSR, USA, Britain

Terms of the offer:

  • Discounts start and change at 11:00 GMT for each respective day
  • Discounts are not applied to vehicles from the “Ixwa Strike” update, or on squadron vehicles, vehicles from “Battle Pass”, “Future Technology” and “Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.” events.

Premium account discounts

11.00 GMT May 7th — 11.00 GMT May 10th

Gaijin.Net store discounts

11.00 GMT May 7th — 11.00 GMT May 10th

We will tell you about the discounts in the Gaijin.Net store later in the separate news. Don’t miss it!

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