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It’s fixed! Pilot release

Before every major update we release devblogs where you can learn in detail about new locations, vehicles, complex game mechanics and features that you will be able to try out in the game. 

But you have often asked us to tell you in detail about work on improvements of already existing game mechanics and bug fixes as well as what’s new. So because of this we are starting a new section in which we will talk weekly about such improvements and fixes in the released updates so that you will clearly notice and like them in the game.

Saving shells

Let's begin the digest with a useful improvement in the popular “Protection Analysis” feature.

We have added a “Remember Ammo” checkbox to the analysis window. Switch it on and the shell will not be reset when analyzing the penetration on probable opponents with the same shell. Remembering the ammo will be also saved when exiting the simulation as long as you don’t select another vehicle type. 

This will definitely come in handy for many players!

Interaction with the flight deck

In one of the previous updates last week we improved aircraft interaction with the aircraft carrier’s flight deck. Now aircraft carriers that can be found in many aircraft locations will better serve you. Your aircraft will no longer fall below deck when landing and starting the engine on the deck will not cause unexpected propeller failure. Reliable flight’s end for landing and confident takeoffs!

User made sights for rocket tanks

Do you remember that in one of the previous changelogs we added reticle sights for vehicles with rocket weaponry? This temporarily disabled the ability to install custom sights for those vehicles. And now we are fixing it! Now for BM-8-24, RBT-5, Calliope, Type 75 MLRS and other vehicles with rocket weaponry you will be able to create or use custom sights already published by other players.

Armor penetration traces on crew member models

Have you seen how cool the penetration on armoured vehicles are displayed in the game? Sticking shells, holes created?  

In some places we overdid it a bit and the effects were applied even on the poor crews in open cabins.

The fix is out! Tankers will no longer display penetration traces.

Moving with a towing cable

The mobility of a vehicle with two knocked out tracks has been restored if a tow cable has been attached to it. Thanks to our players for the report on the forum. We have fixed this effect and now it is fine!

Tree durability


Some of the cypress trees in locations were too strong against vehicles and could stop the whole tank like here. We have fixed this issue! Now  you will definitely be able to win in a battle, at least over the cypresses.  


The skyscrapers in the location “City” have become more dangerous - you will not be able to fly through some of them like in this video.  

Respawn points

We will end this digest with one more piece of good news: we have fixed bugs in the respawn points in the “White Rock Fortress”, “Frozen Pass”, “Campania” locations. You will no longer appear behind a slope or inside objects on the environment!

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