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“TailSpin” - a new milestone in the development of the game!
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A special in-game event for younger War Thunder players!

War Thunder is preparing to expand its audience and move to a new 4+ age rating. A special "TailSpin" aviation event starts in our game, with a visual style and physics adapted for the widest possible audience. Everyone knows that in April we test new game mechanics and features. This time you have a chance to try the new version of the graphics and physics model, as well as feel what the whole game will be like in the near future! Moreover, changes in the game environment will make an upcoming port of the game to mobile platforms easier.

While the new ratings are pending, we present to you a special aviation event,  “TailSpin”!

About the event

From 11:00 GMT on the 1st of April till 12:00 GMT on the 5th of April

The skies over Cape Somerset bay are restless again - opposing clans from the Republic of Air Pirates decided to find out who should be the master of the region of the magical Soaring Rocks. Become one of the dashing air corsairs in the epic battle between pirate squadrons! Prove your skills to the clan and get new, even more powerful aircraft!

To win a mission, destroy enemy planes or bomb the zeppelin mothership!


Such an aircraft is given to every new pilot in the Air Pirates. Do you want something more serious? Load the machine gun and shoot down the enemies of the clan!

How to get it? Beginner's plane - available for everyone


Hmmm, this one is better indeed! The Windscreech is noticeably faster, although it still lacks firepower.

How to get it? 10 players defeated and assisted.


The favorite fighter of the Stalinia boar pilots is now in the hands of the Air Pirates. Six machine guns, bombs and rockets are where the fun begins!

How to get it? 25 players defeated and assisted


You can’t have TOO many guns, any pirate would agree! This triplane carries 8 machine guns, as well as bombs and rockets for striking ground targets.

How to get it? 50 players defeated and assisted

Red Goose.

This is a real flying fortress with defensive turrets and the most powerful six-barreled Golden Dragon cannons.

How to get it? 85 players defeated and assisted


The Tornado fighter is a status aircraft of the Air Pirate elite. Excellent speed and new rapid-fire autocannons for the best pilots in the Republic.

How to get it? 130 players defeated and assisted


These fighters are one-off assembled for the leaders of the clans of the Republic. It is the Panther fighter that leads the squadrons of air corsairs into battle. The best engines and weapons make this aircraft the most advanced fighter ever to take to the skies.

How to get it? 185 players defeated and assisted

Sly Duck.

Smuggling is the main source of income for the Republic, so the smugglers' workhorse must be ready to stand up against raiders. This peaceful-looking seaplane is armed with 20mm autocannons, heavy machine guns and superb turrets!

How to get it? 250 players defeated and assisted

PIRATE! Keep track of your reputation with the clan in the “Events” tab - there you will see which aircraft are waiting for you and what you need to do to get them.

Gifts for all air adventurers:

Pilot icon “Fox”
Pilot icon “Fox”
Pilot icon “Bear”
Pilot icon “Bear”
Special Decal
"Tail Spin" Decal
  • For the first five defeated opponents or provided support, we give a commemorative "TailSpin" decal.
  • For 100 defeated opponents or provided support, get the "Fox" pilot icon (after the end of the event, the Fox will turn into a human pilot - click to check)
  • For 150 defeated opponents or rendered supports, get the pilot "Bear" icon (after the end of the event, the Bear will turn into a human pilot - click to check)
  • For 300 defeated opponents or provided supports, the title "Air Pirate" is awarded

As well as normal random battles, containers with materials for the “Future Technologies” crafting event might also be obtained in both TailSpin and Warfare 2077 events! Every 10 minutes spent in battles grants one container.

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The War Toonder Team

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