Сrafting event: JDS Yūgure (DD-184)

Yūgure was a Fletcher-class destroyer originally operated by the U.S. during WWII and loaned to the Japanese Navy in the late 1950’s. Soon, captains will have the chance to command Yūgure as she becomes available as one of the top prizes in the upcoming crafting event, beginning soon in War Thunder!

Yūgure (DD-184), destroyer, Japan, II rank, premium.


  • Excellent firepower
  • Good versatility
  • Premium bonuses


  • No torpedoes
  • Fewer cannons than the original Fletcher design

Prior to being loaned to the JMSDF, Yūgure was known as the USS Richard P. Leary (DD-664) and was one of many Fletcher-class destroyers built for the USN during WWII. Commissioned in 1944, the ship took part in some of the last major operations in the Pacific theatre before being decommissioned and put into reserve in 1946.

In 1959, USS Richard P. Leary as well as another Fletcher destroyer were loaned to the JMSDF and was renamed to Yūgure. In Japanese service, the destroyer was modified several times to better fit the anti-submarine warfare and training ship roles. Yūgure would end up serving with the Japanese Navy until 1974 before the ship was returned to the U.S. and ultimately sold for scrap in 1976.


Yūgure will be one of the top prizes awaiting captains and participants in the upcoming event taking place in War Thunder soon. As a Fletcher destroyer, Yūgure retained many of this class’ signature features, such as its excellent versatility, while also incorporating some changes made by Japanese shipbuilders during her postwar service.

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Distinguishing itself from other ships of its class, Yūgure lost one of its 5’’ main guns and also its 21’’ torpedo launchers, but still retains an excellent rate of fire in her main guns as well as five dual 40mm Bofors cannons to take care of any smaller vessels and aircraft in particular. On top of this, Yūgure is also a premium vessel, meaning that captains are able to earn more rewards for all actions performed in combat - a trait most welcomed by new captains aspiring to quickly climb the ranks of the Japanese bluewater naval tree!

All captains will have the chance to commission Yūgure into their battle fleet by taking part in the upcoming crafting event, starting soon in War Thunder. Stay tuned and calm seas!

The War Thunder Team

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