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Сrafting event: Early F-4F Phantom II

The German Phantom II in a special export version and with a unique camouflage for completing tasks in the upcoming crafting event in War Thunder!

F-4F Phantom II, Germany, rank VI


  • Superb flight characteristics
  • A variety of mounted weapons


  • No flares or chaff
  • Lacks air-to-surface missiles

In the early 1970’s, Germany decided to purchase a "simplified" version of the American F-4E Phantom II jet fighter: it was assumed that in order to reduce the price of the expensive aircraft, some of the equipment would be produced in Germany itself. So, the export "Phantom" had simplified radar equipment, lost one of its fuel tanks and equipment for refueling in the air. Initial export models also lacked some guided weapons, including AGM-65 Mavericks. The power plant of the fighter had also become a subject of cost reduction by Germany deploying licensed production of the engines.

The new aircraft, designated F-4F, successfully completed tests in 1973, and in the fall of the same year the first fighters from 175 units ordered went to Europe. German "Phantoms" proved to be in the best service and subsequently went through several cycles of modernization, as a result of which the fighters were supplemented with some "missing" equipment that met the needs of the Luftwaffe. The F-4F Phantom II was in service for nearly 40 years - the last deeply modernized "veterans" of the Jagdgeschwader 71 (JG 71) Richthofen regiment went into retirement in the summer of 2013.


The German version of the iconic American F-4F Phantom II jet fighter will be one of the most desired rewards in the April crafting event in War Thunder. The F-4F is an early version of the fighter; in one of the upcoming major updates, the Luftwaffe will also receive a representative of the “Phantom II” series in the regular tech tree. The early F-4F Phantom II can be yours for free in the near future!

Download Wallpaper:

Despite the fact that the export version of the avionics of the F-4F does not have modes designed to work with the air-to-surface missiles, it is still a great high-rank fighter and one of the best aircraft in the game. So, the German "Phantom II'' in a nutshell has a maximum speed of Mach 2 (at high altitudes), an excellent selection of available armament, and a unique evil grin camouflage on its nose. A pilot is free to choose from a variety of weapons: bombs up to 2,000 pounds, Mighty Mouse and Zuni rockets, 20mm Vulcan gunpods and three modifications of the deadly Sidewinder air-to-air missiles: AIM-9B FGW-2, AIM-9E and AIM-9J.

The top-tier German "Phantom" will be yours for completing the big April crafting event. More details are coming, stay tuned!

The War Thunder Team

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