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Introducing the participants of the OlySt CUP tournament

The OlySt CUP Tournament continues. There is a $1,000 prize pool, '100100Golden Eagles and other prizes.

But who will fight for victory? From 158 teams, two teams - Go_REDA and ENP have reached the semi-finals. Don’t miss the stream of this battle at 18:00 GMT on the 20th of March! The strongest teams, including n4sty, DISLIKE, MRCLS, OlySt and others will compete to achieve the final in the lower playoffs.  

Watch the streams and get Twitch Drops for watching streams from 20th to 21st of March.

Available streams:

Get to know some of the participants in the tournament and support your favourite teams. 


Team n4sty (nxstyz)

One of the tournament favorites. The team was created on the 17th of December 2017 and has huge esport experience in War Thunder. Won many times in major tournaments. As the team captain ZetRox says: “We immediately chose a tough style of play and our opponents were clearly uncomfortable. When the time came to give a name to the team I wasn't even thinking for a second.”


Team EnyoProxy (ENP)

The history of the clan began in 2016 when the guys from DA, AV and GOF squadrons united into one mega-squadron. Then the name wasn’t so abstract, but already there was a love for abbreviations. “During the time of the transformation of the team into a fighting force that we are now, ENP have won all major tournaments”. The team leader NeoFel1s considers team n4sty the main rival to them. 


Team Etherea (ETR)

The team has one of the strongest flight crews in tournaments, this is no coincidence. Formed as the flight crew of the DA team, the community of players decided to create a new team. “Since our founding in 2018, we regularly participate in tournaments, as well as World War and we do not plan to stop! We consider the Dislike team to be the most serious opponent in this tournament. " - says the commander of ETR - RiwallRise.


Miracles Team (MRCLS)

Old friends and comrades in arms (from 2016)  united in one squadron in 2020 to create a force which is capable of winning the Cups of Duelists, Olympus, Gladiators and many others over and over again. Captain Da__LaDHo is a person who believes in miracles and it means that there will be a spectacle in “comebacks”!




Very simple and straightforward idea - to create the first Italian team. Captain Dragomania has performed that task! Behind his back he has victories in each type of tournament.


Team Astro

The team members as well as its commander PantherVIII have played with each other many times in one squad or another, which made it possible to win tournaments, the number of which had already exceeded a third decade. The youth of creating the team itself does not speak of the tremendous experience of the members and their teamwork!


Dislike Team


One of the oldest tournament guilds has been gathered in the hands of a cast-iron willed commander, Strelovidniy back in 2015. Their strategy - a deep analysis of every opponent and tactic approach to each enemy - is their weapon, which led the team to victory in the Thunder League!


Team Leet


The name of the team contains both parody and stylization. They are true elite, and weathered commander __VoLKoDaV__ proved this in numerous victories, beginning in 2019.


OlySt Team

Not every team can maintain friendship outside the online world, but the first French team created back in 2019 can! The guys work hard training to gain brilliant results. The experienced commander iTsMeNico led the squadron from one victory to another through all major tournament formats. Also, Nico and friends organized their own tournament OlySt CUP!




To many, the name of the team may seem like a reference... Yes - this is it! The first Spanish squadron created in 2018 under the command of Jaegermann_ . This tournament team has already shown decent results and victories in competitions many times!


Team NoNames


Squadron carried in the hands of commanders MajorM9x and BenSch began in June 2020. A relatively young team of German speakers from different squadrons declared their independence from any squadron tags (hence the name). NoNames is happy to accept both newcomers and veterans of TSS, and this approach shows the  results!

Twitch Drops (20th — 21st of March)

Login to Twitchconnect your Gaijin account → click “Allow” to receive Twitch Drops!

Viewers of the “OlySt CUP” can receive items such as:

“OlySt Team” decal
“OlySt Team” decal & title
OlySt team Camouflage for La-7
OlySt team Camo for La-7
OlySt team Camouflage for Tiger II (H)
OlySt team Camo for Tiger II (H)

Terms for receiving Twitch Drops

The time of the battles and streams will be specified in the “Schedule” block in the information for the tournament. Twitch Drops will be drawn between all connected with the Twitch and Gaijin account stream viewers indicated in this news. Awards will be given out randomly every few minutes. You will see when you have received Twitch Drops in the stream window.


Q. What are Twitch Drops?

  • They are rewards that viewers get in games, when they watch streams of these games on Twitch.

Q. Can I get something in War Thunder?

Q. Awesome! What do I need to do to have a chance of getting these rewards?

Q. What streams do I need to watch to have a chance of getting the rewards?

Q. How can I find out if I have received a reward?

  • If you get a reward, you will see a message on the stream Twitch page upper right corner. After that, you can find any rewards in your inventory in the game.ATTENTION! You need to click on the “Claim” button in the Twitch Drops Inventory before the end of the Twitch Drops campaign — until 20:00 GMT on the 21st of March! You will not be able to get any of the unlocked  rewards after that!

Q. What platforms are these rewards available for?

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