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OlySt CUP and Twitch Drops

The “OlySt” team are pleased to invite you to fight in the next up and coming mixed 5x5 tournament. Compete for a prize pool of $1,000 and over 100,000 Golden Eagles.

Don’t miss the live streams in the competition which will be held simultaneously on 5 multi-language channels. Get prizes for watching the battles in the “OlySt CUP” tournament.

Team registration is open until 17:40 GMT on the 13th of March.

The tournament will involve teams of 7 players: 5 main and 2 reserve players. To register a team, please visit the tournament page.




  • 1st place — $500 (team prize), 2500 Golden Eagles, the “OlySt CUP Champion” title.
  • 2nd place — $300 (team prize), 1500 Golden Eagles.
  • 3rd place — $200 (team prize), 1000 Golden Eagles
  • 4th & 5th places — up to 700 Golden Eagles.

The total GE prize fund of the tournament is 100,100 Golden Eagles! Check out all the tournament prizes.

Players who rank from 2nd to 12th place will receive the title of "OlySt CUP Contender". The tournament has 12 prize places for a total of up to 128 teams!

Regulations in summary

The matches in the "OlySt CUP" tournament will be held in War Thunder over two weekends: from March 13th to 14st and from March 20th to 21st, at the time specified on the "about the tournament" page.

  • Game mode: Realistic Battles with markers
  • The tournament will be held in 2 stages: group (for 1 win) + playoffs (for 3 wins) with a double elimination system. 
  • Vehicles: a popular preset of ground vehicles and aircraft of rank I-IV (USSR, USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Sweden) will be available.
  • Locations: Poland, Normandy, Advance to the Rhine, Sinai and Karelia.
  • Training for participants of tournaments will take place on the 11th of March, the "Prototype OlySt CUP RBm 5x5" tournament will be held, which will sport a similar lineup.


  • Victory in a tournament battle will be counted for the team that leads by score at the end of the battle time.
  • For the correct count in the victory score it will be necessary to wait until the end of the battle.
  • The possibility of selecting the location is available only in the playoff stage.
  • We will contact the winners to clarify the method of transferring cash prizes within 7 working days after the end of the tournament.
  • The cash prizes will be sent out within 45 calendar days from the time when the necessary data of the winning team is received from the captains.
  • The awards will be made according to the place taken by the teams at the end of the tournament.

Twitch Drops (13th to 14th and 20th to 21st of March)

Drops are nice bonuses for stream viewers on “Twitch”! You can get awards on your War Thunder account just by watching streams with an activated on the account Twitch Drops feature.

Login to Twitchconnect your Gaijin account → click “Allow” to receive Twitch Drops!

Available streams

Viewers of the “OlySt CUP” can receive items such as:

“OlySt Team” decal
“OlySt Team” decal & title
OlySt team Camouflage for La-7
OlySt team Camo for La-7
OlySt team Camouflage for Tiger II (H)
OlySt team Camo for Tiger II (H)

Terms for receiving Twitch Drops

The time of the battles and streams will be specified in the “Schedule” block in the information for the tournament. Twitch Drops will be drawn between all connected with the Twitch and Gaijin account stream viewers indicated in this news. Awards will be given out randomly every few minutes. You will see when you have received Twitch Drops in the stream window.



Q. What are Twitch Drops?

  • They are rewards that viewers get in games, when they watch streams of these games on Twitch.

Q. Can I get something in War Thunder?

Q. Awesome! What do I need to do to have a chance of getting these rewards?

Q. What streams do I need to watch to have a chance of getting the rewards?

Q. How can I find out if I have received a reward?

  • If you get a reward, you will see a message on the stream Twitch page upper right corner. After that, you can find any rewards in your inventory in the game.ATTENTION! You need to click on the “Claim” button in the Twitch Drops Inventory before the end of the Twitch Drops campaign — until 20:00 GMT on the 21st of March! You will not be able to get any of the unlocked  rewards after that!

Q. What platforms are these rewards available for?

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