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Rare Soviet vehicles will be available for purchase in the game, memorable decals and decorations for battles and victories. And for the brave, we are launching a tournament with Redragon iron prizes!

From 11:00 GMT on the 19th of February till 11:00 GMT on the 24th of February

“Gallic Shield” decoration
“Gallic Shield” decoration

For 5 wins in a vehicle of rank III or higher (activity of 60% or higher).

“Strip 23” Decal

 “Strip 23” Decal

For 3 battles in a vehicle of rank II or higher (activity of 60% or higher).

Round Shield (Lion), Round Shield and Shield decorations
Round Shield (Lion), Round Shield and Shield decorations

Available for Golden Eagles in the game. Customization (ground vehicles) → Decorations → Shields.

“Helmet 23” Decal

 “Helmet 23” Decal

Participants in the playoffs of the “Defender” Tournament.

Follow your progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Defender.

Temporarily on sale for Golden Eagles

A decoration devoted to “Defender of the Fatherland” specials and rare premium vehicles can be purchased in the game store until the end of the event. You will find them in the premium tree for Soviet vehicles.




Rank III, USSR, premium

KV-2 ZiS-6


Rank III, USSR, premium

IL-2M “Avenger”


Rank III, USSR, premium



Rank III, USSR, premium

Tournament “Defender”

A tournament in the format of “5 vs 5” combined battles the prize fund of which includes Redragon gaming devices for the winners and the unique game title “Defender of the Fatherland”.

The total tournament prize pool - 59,500 Golden Eagles!

Rules in brief:

  • Format: 5х5 (+2 reserve).
  • Difficulty: RB with markers.
  • Registration closes at 16:40 GMT on the 22nd of February.
  • The tournament is held in two stages: group + playoffs with a full double elimination (G2+DE) system.

Tournament registration


1st place

Prizes: Wired gaming keyboard ASURA 2 1000 GE, Premium Account 7 days, “Golden Fire Front” decal and 50% RP and SL Booster.

2nd place


3rd place


All winning team players (including reserves) will receive the indicated game devices.

All play-off participants will receive a unique “Helmet 23” decal.

Players in the top 5 teams will receive the “Defender of the Fatherland” in-game title.

Check all the tournament prizes out.

Other tournaments

22nd of February 

23rd of February 

24th of February 

How do you participate in the tournaments on TSS?

The War Thunder Team


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