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Battle Pass New Season: “Steel Centurion”
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We’re almost ready to roll out the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass! We’ve added new challenges and awesome prizes, including very special ones.

Progress through stages, get unique Premium vehicles and other rewards: decals, titles, decorations, Roman-style avatars and a custom loading screen!

February 24th  - May 12th 

The second season of Battle Pass!


A new set of special prizes is available for the second season of the War Thunder Battle Pass.

Decoration “Gladius”
Decoration “Gladius”
Decoration “Centurion helmet”
Decoration “Centurion helmet”
Decoration “Scutum shield”
Decoration “Scutum shield”

You can see the full list in the Battle Pass menu tab, or on the WT Wiki.


USA, III rank, Premium
USA, III rank,

An experimental American 8x8  wheeled tank destroyer with a 76 mm M7 gun. Features good speed and a low profile - just what you need for an ambush hunter!

Type 1936А, Z25

Germany, III rank, Premium
Germany, III rank,

German Z25 destroyer with a stunning combat history. The main calibre - four 150 mm guns and a large arsenal of rapid-fire automatic AA guns - is an excellent choice for developing a blue-water Kriegsmarine fleet.

ITP (M-1)

USSR, III rank, Premium
USSR, III rank,

The experimental fighter designed to destroy enemy armored vehicles and heavy bombers. 37 mm main gun accompanied by a pair of quick firing 20mm guns and good flight characteristics. Great for mixed battles and ground attack missions!

Centurion Mk.5/1 (RAAC)

Britain, V rank, Premium
Britain, V rank,

The Australian modification of the legendary "Centurion" with an accurate 20 pounder cannon. The upper frontal part of the hull is reinforced with an additional 51 mm thick armor plate. An infrared searchlight mounted on the turret, and a night vision device added to the commander's sight.

About the Battle Pass 

This is a season-based event during which you earn progress points and unlock levels of progress. Each level has a reward: from Silver Lions and power-ups to season prizes, such as decorations and premium vehicles.


You can open levels and receive rewards at any convenient time during the season.

See Battle Pass menu at the right side of the hangar

See Battle Pass menu at the right side of the hangar

How to take part

Log-in to the game!

  • Get progress points for the first daily log-in to the game. Daily award.
  • From 1 to 5 points.

Complete Battle tasks!

  • Look for daily tasks in the hangar.
  • From 2 to 5 points.

Complete the Season challenges!

  • Similar to battle tasks. You have 3 challenges available at the season’s start. One new challenge appears every week. Get 3 more for progressing through levels.
  • 30 points.

Battle Pass on Wiki

See more info in WT Wiki:

The War Thunder Team


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