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Winter football: friendly matches and New Year tournaments

Winter is not only about snowballs! Join winter tank football games, and check out new features, mind blowing dashes and high jumps!

From December 26th 14:00 (GMT) until January 1st 7:00 (GMT)

Get your hands on the controls of the special ‘football tank’ and choose from the available game formats in the “Events and tournaments” tab: solo 3x3, or squad 4x4 (also available for lone players).

Football tank

Tank sport model variants have been specially designed for Tank football. From what could previously be considered an armoured monster, we now have a real sporting machine: lightweight body construction comprising of special alloys, a tuned racing chassis, and of course, a turbocharged engine:

  • [ Space / LB ] — leap up, helps to parry the ball in mid-air.
  • [ LMB / RT ] — dash forward. Hits hard, both your ball and your opponents.
  • [ RMB / LT ] — camera on the ball.

Terms and conditions

  • The match features 2 regular 5 minutes halves in each game. In case of a draw, players will get 2 additional periods of 1.5 minutes each. Only game time is taken into account (as in five a side or mini football). If the results after the two additional periods is still a draw - victory will not be awarded to any team.
  • For an early victory in a match in the “3 vs 3” mode you need to have an advantage of 3 goals.
  • For an early victory in the match in the “4 vs 4” mode you need to have an advantage of 5 goals.
  • Matches will be formed according to the “ELO” system which takes into account your efficiency.

New Year tournaments

Holiday 4x4 and 5x5  tournaments will be held in ground, air, naval and mixed battles. Players in the most skilled teams will have a chance of winning Golden Eagles, special titles. and decals from the New Year set.

Two game communities will hold a custom tournament under the “War Thunder eSports” partner program. Squadron PRO100 prepared vehicle setups for AB tournament, with various ground attackers and popular ground vehicles. Squadron Cringe Gaming offers an non-aircraft tank tournament with balanced vehicle setups.

The total prize pool for the tournament series is 400,000 Golden Eagles!

PRO100 Cup AB
  • Type: Mixed 5(+2) G2+DE
  • Start: Jan. 04, 18:40 GMT
  • Prize pool: 72100 GE
CRNG cup RBm
  • Type: Ground 5(+2) G2+DE
  • Start: Jan. 04, 17:40 GMT
  • Prize pool: 72100 GE

Vehicle setups, locations, as well as full or partial contributions to the prize pool are regulated by the PRO100 and Cringe Gaming gaming communities.

Fire Front RBm
  • Type: Mixed 5(+2)
  • Start: Jan. 11, 18:40 GMT
  • Prize pool: 72100 GE


Sea wolves RB
  • Type: Fleet 4(+2) 
  • Start: Jan. 11, 17:40 GMT
  • Prize pool: 61800 GE


Gladiators RB
  • Type: Air 4(+2)
  • Start: Jan. 04, 17:20 GMT
  • Prize pool: 61800 GE


Gladiators SB
  • Type: Air 4(+2)
  • Start: Jan. 11, 17:20 GMT
  • Prize pool: 61800 GE


How to participate in the TSS tournaments?



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