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New Year in War Thunder!
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Snow sparkles in the hangar, so that means it’s time to celebrate New Year in War Thunder. Discounts, sales and special events are waiting for you! Here is a guide to the War Thunder New Year calendar - let’s take a look!

Everyone gets gifts!

Astonishing aerobatic smoke, animated decorations and decorations for ships! Feel the spirit of the winter holidays!

From December 28th (11:00 GMT) until January 4th (11:00 GMT)

New Year Aerobatic Smoke
New Year Aerobatic Smoke


“Snowman” for small vessels
New Year Tree
“New Year Tree” for larger vessels

Defeat 30 enemy players while controlling aircraft of rank III or higher

Defeat 30 enemy players while controlling ground vehicles of rank III or higher

Defeat 5 enemies with torpedoes, while controlling coastal vessel of rank II or higher

Inflict 50,000 damage while controlling bluewater ships of rank II or higher.  

  • To select aerobatic smoke, go to Settings → Air Battle Settings → Aerobatic smoke type.
  • New Year Aerobatic Smoke will be available for online battles in one of the incoming updates.
  • The “Snowman” 3D decoration is available for small vessels only.
  • The “New Year Tree” 3D decoration is available for larger vessels only.

Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.

Beginning on December 18th (11:00 GMT) until January 11th (07:00 GMT)

The last operation in 2020 offers lavish prizes: two ships, two aircraft, two tanks, ten Pin-up decals and four firearms decorations. It’s all yours for completing simple tasks in random battles!

МiG-21 PFМ

МiG-21 PFМ

Rank VI, USSR, Event

USS Baltimore (CA-68)

USS Baltimore (CA-68)

Rank V, USA, Event


From December 23rd (11:00 GMT) until December 28th (07:00 GMT). 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to try something new for half the regular price!

  • 50% off all vehicles in the game
  • 50% off talismans, back-ups, and modifications
  • 50% off Premium account for 90 or 365 days in the game store, or 180 days in the Gaijin.Net online store

Discounts work both for Silver Lion and Golden Eagle prices for all vehicles, except those added in the updates “Raining Fire”, “New Power’, and “Hot Tracks” and squadron vehicles.

Gaijin.Net store SALES

From December 28th (11:00 GMT) till January 4th (07:00 GMT).

Up to 50% off for Gaijin.Net store goods!

Learn more about Gaijin.Net sales. Follow us to get special offers on PlayStation and Steam.

Social Media Contest

Dress up for the New Year holidays! Welcome to the War Thunder camo contest!

From 24th December 2020 13:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT on the 8th of January, create and post your winter holidays themed camo, and the best entries will win premium vehicles!

How to do it?

  1. Create a winter themed vehicle camo (ship, tank, plane or helicopter)
  2. Upload it on War Thunder LIVE
  3. Make a social media post about it, with at least one picture of your creation, the #WTChristmas2020 hashtag and a link to your War Thunder Live post
  • Valid for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Your creation must be uploaded on War Thunder LIVE
  • You need to post at least one picture of your camo on social media
  • Your post must contain the hashtag #WTChristmas2020 and a link to your War Thunder live post
  • The vehicle camo / skin must be of your own creation
  • All aircraft, ground vehicles, helicopters and naval vessels valid. 
  • All skins must be created within the competition timeframe (no older skin submissions)
  • Entries must be kept clean and follow the rules of the game and War Thunder Live.
  • Skins have to be fictional christmas/winter themed, so show us your creativity.
  • All entries must be submitted before the 8th of January, 2021, 23:59 GMT
  • The judges decision is final

We will contact the winners on War Thunder LIVE, so don’t forget to add a link to your creation on social media!


1st Place

Yak-38 or T-72AV (TURMS-T) or Prinz Eugen packs + “New Year Trophy”.

2nd Place

MiG-17AS or AVRE or PG 02 packs + “New Year Trophy”.

3rd Place

One of the starter packs + “New Year Trophy

10 Judges’ Prizes

“New Year Trophy” — a random decoration and a random decal:

  • Decals: "Christmas tree" victory marks, Snow maiden, Sledge, Present, Xmas Tree, Xmas Sock, Xmas Rocket or Xmas Clock.
  • Decorations: Christmas Wreath, Skates, Sleigh, Ski, Teddy Bear (white) or "Teddy Bear (brown).

All winners get a special title “Santa’s Little Helper”.

Special Events


From December 28th (11:00 GMT) until January 4th (07:00 GMT). 

Join New Year special ground and naval battles and get a festive decal “Metal Bull”.

“Festive Events!”

Bring the enemy Christmas tree to your point and secure yours! The special event has three rounds.

“Festive Delivery”

Find the floating gifts and bring them to the Christmas tree. First team to collect 3 gifts wins.

One victory in any special event gives you the “Metal Bull” decal.


  • The “New Year Rush” is available for ground vehicles of BR’s 4.7-6.7, matching the highest BR vehicle in setup. 7 respawns are available.
  • The “New Year Delivery” is available for BR’s 1.0 - 2.7 boats and ships. 5 respawns are available.

The War Thunder Team

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